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Are Roller Shutters Good For Security?

There are many home security products on the market; finding the right one will bring you peace of mind and provide a feeling of safety and security in your home. 

At Titan Shutters, we want our customers to rest assured that their homes and families are safe from any potential threat of home intrusion or danger. Roller shutters are a great way to ensure this, significantly improving the security of your home. Read on to find out why roller shutters could be your ideal home security solution.

Protect your home from the elements with motorised roller shutters

Nature can be one of the biggest culprits when it comes to damaging your home. Strong winds, storms, and even excessive exposure to sunlight can all have harmful effects on your property, and installing adequate protective measures can make all the difference. 

Our motorised roller shutters offer excellent protection against inclement weather. Resistant to hailstorms and immoderate sunlight alike, our quality roller shutters will help keep your home safe from the elements. Whether you’re looking to add some extra insulation to your home or want to shield it from extreme weather events, our shutters offer an additional layer of defence to your property. And thanks to their high-quality aluminium slats, with baked-enamel coating, these shutters are designed to last – come rain or shine.

Deter intruders with a security shutter

Home burglaries are unfortunately a serious concern for many Victorian homeowners. Luckily, an effective countermeasure against home intrusions is available, with the installation of high-quality security roller shutters. Security shutters present both practical and visual deterrence to home intruders, vandals and thieves. 

Titan’s security roller shutter is made from thick, strong aluminium and features an Autolock system which makes it near impossible to break through or pry open from the outside. As well as our shutters being virtually impenetrable, the visual shield provided by roller shutters prevents passers-by from seeing inside your property, identifying possessions to steal or gathering information about your home’s layout and security weak spots. Show opportunistic criminals that you take your home security seriously, with a high-quality security roller shutter. 

Protect your privacy

Keeping your family safe can also mean keeping them away from prying eyes. Installing a high-quality shutter system in your home helps keep your household out of public view and away from neighbours and onlookers, so you can go about your lives undisturbed. 

Get the best for your home

Titan Shutters provides the very best in roller shutter systems across Melbourne, with industry-leading installation timeframes and experienced local technicians. If you’re interested in fitting your home with a motorised security shutter, reach out to us today – or find out more about our security roller shutter.

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