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Roller shutters for home security

Are Roller Shutters Good For Security?

When it comes to home security, we all want the best. The peace of mind and feeling of safety and security that come with knowing your home and family are protected is priceless. 

However, with so many products on the market, where do you even begin? From complex CCTV systems to alarms, security screens, roller shutters and more – finding the right fit can take a little time. 

At Titan Shutters, we’re here to make this process easier. We want our customers to rest assured that their homes and families are safe from any potential threat of home intrusion or danger. 

We believe roller shutters are a great way to ensure this by significantly improving the security of your home. Read on to learn why roller shutters are such a popular home security solution and whether they’re right for your home. 

How Roller Shutters Enhance Your Home Security

Made using durable and tough materials, each slat of a roller shutter is also reinforced internally with insulative foam. This makes it almost impossible to cut or tear them out of place. 

When lowered, each shutter is guided and held in place by a fixed track on either side. This ensures they cannot be pulled away from the window or leveraged out of place. 

All these factors combined create a virtually impenetrable barrier to thieves or intruders seeking to gain access to your home. With the simple push of a button, you can lower your shutters and know your home is exceptionally secure.  

Enhanced home security
Enhanced home security

Top 5 Ways Roller Shutters Protect Your Home

Roller shutters act as an effective security measure in several ways. Not only for protecting your home from intruders, they can also protect your home from damage during extreme weather events and more. 

Here are 5 key ways in which roller shutters help to make your home secure and feel safer. 

1. They Are A Clear Visual Deterrent 

Home burglaries are unfortunately a serious concern for many Victorian homeowners. While CCTV and alarms can be effective at alerting you to or stopping a burglary in progress, they are not very effective at preventing them in the first place. 

Luckily, an effective countermeasure against home intrusions is available, with the installation of high-quality security roller shutters. 

Installing high-quality security roller shutters shows opportunistic criminals that you take your home security seriously – discouraging attempts and making a break-in much less likely.

Security shutters are not only a great visual deterrent to home intruders, vandals and thieves but can stop even the most determined criminal from gaining access. 

Titan’s security roller shutter is made from thick, strong aluminium and features an Auto-Lock system which makes it nearly impossible to break through or pry open from the outside. 

As well as our shutters being virtually impenetrable, the visual shield provided by roller shutters prevents passers-by from seeing inside your property. 

This stops would-be thieves from ‘casing’ your home to identify possessions to steal or from gathering information about your home’s layout and any weak spots in security. 

2. They Act As A Physical Barrier

As touched on above, roller shutters are a strong physical barrier that prevents access to your home via any windows or doors. 

Knowing there is an added layer of strong protection between your loved ones and an easily broken window is truly priceless. 

Whether from water ingress following broken windows during high winds or hail, or a determined burglar roller shutters actively keep anything unwanted outside. 

This not only keeps your home and its occupants safe but helps to reduce the risk of property damage. If you have kids keen on backyard cricket and are tired of replacing broken windows from errant cricket balls – this is also an ideal solution! 

3. They Protect Your Privacy

Something most of us value alongside our safety and security is our privacy. Keeping your family safe or having the ability to feel secure while in your home can also mean stopping prying eyes. 

Nobody likes the feeling of being watched or that their every move is being followed. While curtains and blinds can help towards stopping this, they simply cannot offer the same feeling of safety and security that roller shutters can. 

Installing a high-quality shutter system in your home helps keep your household out of public view and away from neighbours and onlookers, so you can go about your lives undisturbed. 

4. They Protect Your Home From The Elements 

Nature can be one of the biggest culprits when it comes to damaging your home or making you feel unsafe. Strong winds, storms, and even excessive exposure to sunlight can all have harmful effects on your property. 

Installing adequate protective measures, such as motorised roller shutters, can make all the difference. 

At Titan Shutters, our roller shutters offer excellent protection against inclement weather. Resistant to hailstorms, bushfires, high winds and sunlight alike, our quality roller shutters will help keep your home safe from the elements. 

Whether you’re looking to add some extra insulation to your home or want to shield it from extreme weather events, our shutters offer an additional layer of defence to your property. 

By ensuring damage during extreme weather is minimised and access points remain secured, you also make it harder for thieves who seek to exploit this damage to their advantage. 

5. They Reduce Noise 

If a noisy neighbourhood is contributing to you or your family feeling unsafe in your home, roller shutters can help with this too.

You can enjoy a more peaceful home, alongside physical security benefits, thanks to the noise reduction capabilities of roller shutters

This is thanks to the insulative foam used in their construction which absorbs both sound waves and heat for a cooler, quieter house.  

Custom roller shutters can ensure all access points are secure
Custom roller shutters can ensure all access points are secure

The Importance Of Engaging A Professional 

While it’s true that roller shutters are an excellent security measure, they’re only able to deliver this properly when they are well made and installed correctly. 

Poorly installed roller shutters, or roller shutters of inferior quality are more likely to:

  • Be improperly measured and ill-fitting 
  • Have gaps around the window frame, making it possible to lever them out of place
  • Experience issues with operation
  • Require repairs or early replacement 
  • Provide reduced capacity for heat and noise reduction
  • Be made using inferior materials that are easier for criminals to break or cut through

For these reasons and more, it is essential that you only engage an industry professional to measure, make and install your roller shutters

This is the best way to guarantee that your shutters perform as expected and are capable of delivering maximum security benefits.  

Get the best for your home

Titan Shutters provides the very best in roller shutter systems across Melbourne, with industry-leading installation timeframes and experienced local technicians. 

Manufactured in Australia, our aluminium slats feature a baked-enamel coating and other high-quality components you can count on. They are designed to last for decades to come, delivering you unmatched security and reassurance. 

Committed to exceptional customer care and outstanding outcomes, we guarantee a stress-free, streamlined process from start to finish. 

Interested in fitting your home with a motorised security shutter or want to find out more about our security roller shutters? Simply reach out to us online or speak with one of our friendly team members at 1300 020 001 today.

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