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How much do bushfire shutters cost

How Much Do Bushfire Shutters Cost?

If you live in an area that is prone to bushfires or where the threat of one is significant, it can be difficult to feel safe in your home or know how to protect your property should the worst happen. 

While there is no guaranteed method for avoiding damage to a home during a bushfire, there are practical steps you can take to reduce and potentially avoid this. 

One such option is to install bushfire shutters on your home. If you’ve ever considered this but desire more information on how they work and what they cost, we’re here to help. 

In this guide, we’ll review what bushfire shutters are, how they protect your home from damage and what to expect in terms of cost. 

What Are Bushfire Shutters?

Bushfire shutters, sometimes also called bushfire-resistant shutters or fire-rated shutters, are specially designed shutters to help protect buildings in areas prone to bushfires. 

When installed on windows and other entry points, they help to reduce the risks associated with embers, radiant heat, and flames during a bushfire event. 

Serving as a barrier against these, they help prevent the breaking of windows and protect the interior of a building from fire damage.

What Do They Cost?

Pricing for bushfire shutters, just as with regular shutters, varies based on a variety of factors. 

While a lower-rated BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) shutter on a standard-sized window may start from $1800, a larger shutter that is more highly rated could cost upwards of $3800.

Ultimately, no two homes are the same, meaning exact costs are only possible through a professional quotation. To help in understanding what goes into determining the price of each shutter let’s take a closer look. 

Bushfire Shutter Pricing Basics 

Before anything else is considered, each shutter is given a starting value based on:

  • The labour involved with the manufacturing process 
  • The components and materials used in manufacturing 

The quality of the components and materials used along with the standards upheld by the manufacturer are essential to their longevity and performance and will be reflected in their pricing. 

Additional Factors Influencing Roller Shutter Pricing

In addition to the above, when quoting, we will also factor in: 

BAL Rating 

Bushfire shutters come with varying BAL ratings, at Titan Shutters we offer either a BAL 29 or BAL 40 shutter. The materials used in each of these differ, which contributes to how they are priced. 

A shutter with a BAL rating of 29, is made from insulated aluminium and is generally well suited to metro or suburban areas. Providing the optimal balance between fire protection and insulation. 

Our BAL 40 bushfire shutter is made from high gauge extruded aluminium, without insulation, to provide an added level of protection against fires in regional or higher-risk areas. 

Typically, the higher the BAL rating, the higher the associated cost, this is not purely due to holding a higher rating but due to other factors such as added weight due to heavier materials. 


In terms of price, the larger the shutter, the heavier it is and therefore it will cost more to manufacture and install. But this doesn’t mean you should scrimp on size. 

To operate effectively during a bushfire event, bushfire shutters must be the correct size for the window or opening they cover. 

Incorrectly measured and poorly fitting bushfire shutters will compromise the integrity of the shutter, leaving gaps where flame, heat and embers can enter your home. 

Install Characteristics 

When pricing bushfire roller shutters, installation requirements such as position, access and type of each window are also taken into account. 

For instance, high-up or difficult-to-access windows may require scaffolding to facilitate the safe installation. The added time, equipment and expertise needed for these installations all contribute to their cost. 

Protect Your Home From Bushfires With Titan Shutters 

With decades of industry experience and a dedication to quality, we don’t guarantee to be the cheapest, but we do guarantee to be the best. 

All our bushfire shutters are custom-made and manufactured to comply with the highest Australian standards and are 100% BAL-certified. 

Offering unmatched service and professional installation, we guarantee bushfire shutters that deliver outstanding value and peace of mind. 

To learn more about our range of bushfire shutters or to arrange a tailored, obligation-free quote for your home and requirements, contact Titan Shutters today at 1300 020 001. 

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