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Normal vs bushfire shutters

What is the Difference Between a Normal Shutter and Bushfire Shutter?

If you have been researching exterior roller shutters for your home or live in an area prone to bushfires, you may have come across or been advised to look into an option for bushfire-rated shutters. 

What makes these shutters different from standard shutters? Do regular shutters stop fire? How do they perform well in other key areas? These are all common queries.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the differences between normal and bushfire shutters so you can make an informed decision for your home. 

What Are Bushfire Rated Shutters? 

Bushfire-rated shutters are retractable window coverings that are fixed to the outside of your windows. They are specially designed to withstand the effects of bushfires such as ember attacks, radiant heat and direct flame contact. 

Typically made using ultra-strong, extruded aluminium, they feature a shutter curtain made using interconnected slats that are held in place by a track that also guides the shutter up and down.

Fixed above the window, the header box houses a motor that raises and lowers the shutter and stores the shutter out of sight when not in use.

What Can I Expect From Normal Shutters? 

Normal shutters offer a host of benefits including but not limited to:


Due to their clever design and being constructed from high-strength materials, roller shutters offer exceptional security. 

When lowered in place, they form a tight seal over your windows that is virtually impossible to kick, pull, cut, push or lever out of place. 

This not only makes it incredibly difficult for a would-be intruder to enter your home but often deters them from ever trying in the first place. Giving you the utmost peace of mind regarding the security of your home and the safety of your family. 

Energy Efficiency 

Many shutters now also offer increased insulation for your home, with each shutter slat filled with a speciality foam that keeps heat and cold out or in, depending on the season. 

This promotes enhanced energy efficiency and a more stable indoor temperature year-round which can see you using heating and cooling measures less, leading to lowered energy costs. 


Roller shutters offer exceptional privacy, once lowered they provide a shield over your windows, completely stopping burglars or nosy neighbours from seeing inside your home. 

Noise Reduction

The same insulative foam that delivers enhanced energy efficiency also works to deflect sound waves from entering your home. 

This makes them ideal for homes that live near noisy roads or rail lines or where neighbourhood noise is a concern. Simply lower and enjoy a more peaceful indoor environment at any time of the day or night. 

Light Control

The ultimate solution for blocking light, properly installed shutters can block up to 99% of outdoor light from entering a room. 

If you work in shiftwork, have young children who nap during the day or struggle with bright direct sunlight entering your home, roller shutters are the ideal solution. 

Protection From The Elements

Not just about keeping intruders out, shutters also protect against damage to your home during extreme weather events.

From high winds to flying debris, hail, heavy rains and more, shutters shield your windows from breakage and water ingress. 

Minimal Maintenance 

Roller shutters are incredibly easy to care for, just a gentle wash with detergent and water from time to time is all that is needed to keep your shutters free of dust and debris and working optimally. 

How Different Are Bushfire Shutters From Normal Shutters? 

The good news is that bushfire shutters generally offer all of the highly desirable and helpful benefits of normal shutters with the added bonus of protection from embers. 

For example, one option for bushfire-resistant shutters, Titan Shutters Thermoshield insulated shutter provides a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rating of 29. This makes it more resistant to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact than a normal shutter. 

Should you elect to install a higher-rated BAL40 shutter, this will offer all the same benefits as a normal shutter as outlined above, with the exclusion of added insulation in each slat. 

Instead, these are crafted using high gauge extruded aluminium which is extremely strong, offering even greater protection from bushfires and intruders alike. 

Find Your Ideal Shutter Solution With Titan Shutters

If you’re unsure which type of shutter is best for your home or location, the team at Titan Shutters can help. 

All our shutters are manufactured in Australia to the same high standards, ensuring you need never compromise on valuable features or benefits regardless of which shutter type you select. 

Focused on delivering quality products and unmatched service, we’re proud to be one of Melbourne’s leading suppliers of roller shutters. Call 1300 020 001 today to learn more. 

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