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Add value to your house with roller shutters

Do Shutters Add Value To Your House?

If you’re considering installing roller shutters to the exterior of your home, you may be wondering whether they are a worthwhile investment long-term. 

While they offer many practical benefits, what impact might they have on the value of your home? 

The answer lies in various factors such as where you live, the quality of the shutters you choose and buyer preferences, among others. 

To help you understand just how much value exterior shutters may add to your home, we’ve prepared the following guide exploring these factors and other considerations. 

How Do Shutters Add Value?

It may seem odd to think that the simple addition of an exterior window covering could increase the value of your home. 

However, there are some simple reasons for this; largely tied to the benefits roller shutters offer, which make your home a more desirable prospect for buyers, adding to its value. 

These benefits include: 

Increased Security

Roller shutters create an almost impenetrable barrier between would-be intruders and your home. 

Made of tough aluminium that is fixed into an equally strong track, they are virtually impossible to pull, push, kick or lever out of place. 

This gives homeowners priceless peace of mind regarding the safety and security of their homes and loved ones. 

Improved Energy Efficiency 

Providing additional insulation, roller shutters help your home’s interior remain at a comfortable temperature year-round. 

Heat is kept out or in depending on the season, and as a result, the need for artificial heating and cooling is reduced. 

This improvement in energy efficiency means lowered electricity usage and therefore a welcome reduction in energy costs. 

Unmatched Privacy & Light Control 

Tired of prying neighbours? Perhaps you live in a busy area with lots of passersby. Roller shutters give you complete control over who can see into your home day and night. 

Likewise, if you are someone who desires greater control over the brightness of your home’s interior due to shift work, sleeping children, sensitivities or otherwise, roller shutters are an ideal solution.  

Keep them fully closed for total light blocking or partially open to allow for filtered light – the choice is yours. 

Protection From The Elements 

High winds, flying debris, heavy rain and even embers from bushfires are no match for roller shutters. 

They protect your windows and home from damage in extreme weather, helping you feel safer during these events. 

Street Appeal 

A neat, tidy and aesthetically pleasing option, roller shutters can be matched to your home’s existing colour scheme. 

Blending seamlessly with your property’s appearance, they make your home look well cared for and add to its curb appeal. 

Factors Influencing Value 

As outlined above, there are many benefits to installing roller shutters. However, there are also additional factors which influence the potential to add value to your home with roller shutters. 

Briefly touched on in the introduction to this article, value is also affected by: 


Having shutters installed on a property located where incidences of criminal behaviour are regularly recorded makes their presence highly valuable. 

It assuages fears a buyer may have about experiencing a break-in, or similar, and makes your property far more appealing despite any challenges the area may be experiencing.

Additionally, if you live in a bushfire-prone area, bushfire-rated shutters could go a long way towards convincing a buyer that your home is worth the asking price. It protects their investment and gives them added reassurance during bushfire season. 

Buyer Sentiment 

Some buyers will be naturally more safety conscious and therefore more inclined to invest in a home with good security features already in place. 

Just as equally, some may not be concerned about this and therefore may value the presence of shutters no more than other features your home has to offer. However, by and large, there is no reason for buyers to view shutters as a negative addition, and the extra benefits they offer will always be welcome. 


Just as high-quality shutters can add to the value of your property, badly made or worn-out ones can do the reverse. 

Visible worn or poorly manufactured shutters can detract from your home’s value, representing an unreliable and outdated addition that may need to be removed or replaced in the near future. 

This is why you should only invest in quality shutters made to the highest standards; they make the best impression while also delivering long-term reliability and maximum benefits.

Add Value To Your Home With Titan Shutters

At Titan Shutters, we recognise the financial commitment that installing shutters can represent for homeowners. 

We guarantee the utmost longevity and optimal functionality of our shutters, so you can reap their benefits both now and in the future as a valuable addition to your home.

Our shutters are custom manufactured right here in Australia to exceptionally high standards and use only the best quality materials available. 

Paired with our professional installation expertise and outstanding aftercare, we ensure your home and its new shutters are cared for without compromise. 

Choose quality shutters and add to the value of your home with Titan Shutters. Call 1300 020 001 today to learn more. 

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