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Burglar deterrence

Do Shutters Deter Burglars?

As a homeowner, stopping would-be intruders from gaining access to your home is undoubtedly a priority. Even better is having measures in place that deter them from trying to break in in the first place. 

With roller shutters, you can achieve both of these outcomes. 

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how the installation of roller shutters on your home can effectively deter burglars while also keeping even the most determined ones out. 

Let’s get to it. 

What Are Shutters Exactly? 

Not to be confused with plantation shutters which are exclusively for indoor use, roller shutters, or security shutters, are external window coverings that are fixed to the outside of your home. 

Made up of a high-strength aluminium track and shutter curtain, these shutters lower from and retract into a header box above a window or door. 

Able to create a strong barrier over your home’s access points, they offer several benefits, including the ability to deter and keep out burglars. 

Incredibly tough, durable and reliable, roller shutters are increasingly popular across Australia thanks to their unmatched ability to secure properties and protect loved ones. 

How Do Shutters Discourage Intruders?  

Shutters work to discourage and deter intruders using a variety of visual, physical and psychological barriers. 

Below are six ways that roller shutters can prevent a burglar or intruder from entering your home or business. 

1. Visual Deterrent 

The visible presence of security measures at a home can go a long way towards stopping criminals from even considering it as a target. 

Why? Homes with security shutters installed are typically viewed as being more secure and far less vulnerable than those without. This dissuades burglars and may encourage them to move on to an easier prospect. 

2. Physical Barrier

Unlike other security measures such as cameras or alarm systems which may be ignored or easily overcome, shutters are a physical barrier to entry. 

Knowing that access to windows and doors is going to be almost impossible at properties with shutters and involve significant effort, burglars are less likely to attempt forced entry at all. 

3. Reduced Visibility

Exterior window shutters provide unmatched privacy when lowered, completely obstructing the view into your home. 

Not only does this prohibit intruders from scoping out whether your home has anything worthwhile to steal, but it also makes it harder to see if anyone is home. 

This adds to the risk factor and makes your home an unknown prospect, making it far less appealing than homes without this security measure in place. 

4. Noise

While breaking into a home through a locked door or window can go almost unnoticed noise-wise, any attempts to breach a roller shutter will not be so quiet. 

Burglars rely on going unnoticed for as long as possible to maximise their time and increase the number of valuable items they can take. 

Efforts to pull, kick, cut, lever or push a roller shutter out of place will be anything but discreet and quickly draw attention. Knowing this, criminals are far less likely to choose a home with shutters to break into.  

5. Advanced Security Features

Shutters are also fitted with added security features. The features such as complex locking mechanisms and reinforced slats are imperceptible to a burglar.

They have no way to gauge how challenging a particular shutter may be to overcome, making even the most seasoned criminals wary of attempting it. 

6. Psychological Effects

To any burglar, the visible presence of home security can bring feelings of uncertainty and hesitation, due to the perceived risk of detection. If a burglar feels that access is unlikely to be successful or that they may be caught in the act, they’re likely to be more apprehensive and will generally look elsewhere. 

Having shutters installed at your home can have a powerful psychological influence on a burglar’s behaviour and decision-making process, in deterring them from attempting to gain unauthorised access. 

What Happens If A Burglar Attempts A Break-in Anyway? 

No matter how effective roller shutters may be at deterring intruders, the fact remains that someone may still attempt to enter your home. 

While no security measure is 100% foolproof, roller shutters are one of the most effective ways to secure your home and gain priceless peace of mind. 

Our security shutters:

  • Are made using high-strength, double-walled aluminium, making it almost impossible to cut, push, pull or break the shutter to gain access. 
  • Auto-lock when lowered, ensuring they cannot be forcibly raised to create an opening.
  • Are professionally fitted, with the tracks and header box being securely anchored to your home by expert installers.

Keep Your Home Safe From Intruders With Titan Shutters  

With years of industry experience, the team at Titan Shutters deeply understands the motivation of many homeowners to install shutters as a security measure. 

We’ve seen firsthand how effective these shutters are at keeping out unwanted intruders and the value of installing them proactively to deter criminals rather than reactively after an event. 

Our shutters are made right here in Australia using only the highest quality materials and components. This ensures optimal performance across all benefits offered by window shutters, particularly security. 

When professionally installed by our team, you can rest assured that your home is far less likely to be the target of criminal activity. Likewise, you can have the utmost confidence that it is best positioned to repel even the most experienced burglar from getting inside. 

Add to this the improved energy efficiency, privacy, noise dampening, light control and other valuable features offered by our shutters and it’s easy to see why they are such a wise and popular investment. 

To arrange your obligation-free quote or to learn more about these shutters and how they can enhance security at your home, call Titan Shutters today at 1300 020 001. 

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