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Do shutters keep rain out?

Do Shutters Keep Rain Out?

We’ve previously covered just how popular window roller shutters are for Australian homeowners looking to enhance security, privacy, and energy efficiency in their homes. 

Another common question regarding roller shutters is whether they are effective at keeping rain out. 

In this article, we’ll explore the functionality of window roller shutters concerning rain protection and provide insights into their effectiveness in keeping your home dry and comfortable during wet weather.

Will Your Shutters Keep All Rain Out?

Exterior roller shutters can offer a fantastic level of weather protection, keeping rain off windows as well as protecting homes from hail, high winds and other weather-related events. 

Yet while roller shutters are capable of all of this, some water ingress from rain is still possible. 100% protection is not a guarantee.  

The capacity of your shutters to keep rain out and the level of success with which they do this comes down to a few key factors. 

Design & Construction

Window roller shutters are typically made of aluminium or PVC with interlocking slats or panels that form a solid, rain-repellent barrier when fully closed. 

When properly installed, a tight seal is possible against the window frame, which can further enhance their ability to repel rain. 

When well-designed, constructed and installed, these elements work together to provide optimal rain protection for your home. 

Functionality & Use In Wet Weather

During wet weather, window roller shutters must be fully closed if high-level protection against the infiltration of rain is required. 

If only partially closed or lowered, the ability of the shutter to exclude rain is almost entirely compromised. To keep your home protected against storm and water damage, they must be tightly closed before a rainstorm starts. 

Roller shutters also offer other benefits during wet weather:

Protection From Wind-driven Rain

In areas prone to strong winds, window roller shutters can provide an additional layer of protection against wind-driven rain. 

The sturdy construction of roller shutters helps deflect rainwater away from the windows, reducing the risk of water intrusion, even where there is a significant wind force behind it. 

Insulation & Reduced Condensation

Roller shutters can also help improve the insulation of windows, which can be beneficial during wet weather. 

By creating an extra barrier against the elements, roller shutters help maintain a more stable indoor temperature, reducing the build-up of condensation which can lead to mould or mildew issues. 

Maintenance & Care

Well-cared-for and properly maintained shutters are more likely to perform well at keeping rain out. This allows them to perform optimally by facilitating proper operation, supporting a better seal, and keeping them free of damage.

This involves: 

Regular Cleaning

Keep roller shutters clean by regularly removing dirt, debris, and any buildup that may accumulate on the surface using a soft cloth with mild soap and water.

Always rinse them thoroughly, but gently, to prevent dirt from interfering with the operation of the shutters or causing the slats to improperly seal. 

Operational Checks

Test your roller shutters regularly to ensure they open and close smoothly without any issues. Look closely at all slats and check for any gaps where they no longer interlock as expected. 

Any problems or malfunctions should be professionally repaired to avoid water infiltration during wet weather.

Professional Maintenance

Always engage professional help to address maintenance concerns or repairs. An expert can more easily identify any potential issues and is better equipped to perform necessary repairs or adjustments. 

Titan Shutters – Experts You Can Count On

Ultimately, window roller shutters are an effective solution for protecting windows and doors from damage caused by rain and inclement weather, but only when well designed, constructed, installed and maintained. 

By investing in quality roller shutters from Titan Shutters, you can be assured that these factors are considered and that optimal outcomes are achieved.   

Made in Australia to the highest standards and using only the best quality materials, our shutters offer unmatched durability and functionality. Experts in installation, we also guarantee the best possible seal is achieved on each window, no matter the exterior surface we are working with. 

To give your home the best barrier against water ingress during wet weather, speak with Titan Shutters today at 1300 020 001.

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