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Do shutters make noise in the wind?

Do Shutters Make Noise in the Wind?

Window roller shutters are increasingly being viewed as a valuable investment. Versatile and practical, they offer a range of fantastic benefits such as enhanced security, insulation and light control among others. 

However, if you’re someone who values peace and quiet, you may have some valid concerns surrounding the potential for these shutters to be noisy or rattle in windy conditions. 

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the causes involved with wind-induced noise in shutters, examining factors that can contribute to noisy shutters, ways to mitigate these outcomes and more. 

Ensuring you can make an informed choice before installing shutters or identify ways to correct issues that are detracting from your enjoyment of those you already have.

What Causes Noisy Shutters?  

So do shutters make noise in the wind? In truth, yes, sometimes they do, just like your windows can. 

Generally, shutters generate no noise aside from when they are being raised or lowered. In fact, they are better known for insulating against neighbourhood noise rather than contributing to a noisy environment. 

However, in breezy or windy conditions, the force of the external airflow can cause the shutter to experience pressure and movement, leading to noise.  

When lowered and under the force of wind, shutters and their components may oscillate back and forth, vibrate, or resonate producing sounds such as clicking, tapping, humming, whistling or similar.  

However, not all shutters will respond the same way when exposed to wind and there are several reasons for this.  

Why Are Some Shutters Noisier Than Others? 

The intensity and frequency of any noise produced by window shutters during windy conditions can vary significantly based on several key factors. 

Shutter Design & Materials

The construction and composition of window roller shutters play a key role in how susceptible they are to generating wind-induced noise. 

For example, shutters fabricated from lightweight materials such as PVC or those that feature perforations in their design are more prone to making fluttering or rattling noises in windy conditions.

Conversely, shutters crafted from sturdier materials like steel and aluminium that can be completely sealed when closed exhibit greater resistance to wind disturbances. This can mean little to no noise is made, even during periods of high winds. 

Installation Quality

Closely tied to the above, the level of precision and expertise exercised during shutter installation also significantly impacts their resilience against wind-induced noise. 

When improperly installed, your shutters may end up being too loosely mounted. This then promotes and exacerbates shutter vibrations making for a much noisier shutter. 

In contrast, professionally installed shutters that are securely fixed in place and properly aligned are far better equipped to withstand wind forces for minimised noise creation and disturbance.

Maintenance & Wear

Over time, wear and tear on shutter components such as hinges, tracks, and seals can compromise their structural integrity making them more likely to make noise when it is windy. 

This is part of why older shutters are often noisier than newer ones. When not regularly maintained, debris stuck in the shutter curtain or its tracks, such as twigs and leaves, can also contribute to the creation of noise. 

Wind Speed & Direction

Not related to the shutters themselves, but an important consideration nonetheless, the speed and direction of wind can greatly impact how your shutters behave and how much noise may occur.  

This is because higher wind speeds intensify the air pressure on a shutter’s surface, increasing the likelihood of movement and vibration and, as a result, noise production. 

Wind direction can also play a role in how noisy a shutter can be as it changes how the wind pressure hits the shutter and which components are taking the force of this.

Ways To Guard Against Noisy Shutters

While no shutter is 100% impervious to making noise during windy weather, reducing their capacity to make noise or taking steps to better proof against this is possible. 

To optimise shutter performance and minimise noise disturbances in your home caused by wind pressure on them, we recommend: 

Careful Selection Of Shutter Type

Choose shutters made from robust materials that are low in flexibility and have greater noise-damping properties such as aluminium or steel. Having far better structural integrity than PVC shutters, they are best positioned to withstand wind-induced vibrations.

Additionally, low-profile shutters with contoured slats are typically more aerodynamic, facilitating smoother airflow around their structure for reduced wind turbulence and subsequent noise. 

Professional Installation

No matter how high-quality your shutters are or how well they have been designed, if they are poorly installed, they are highly likely to be noisy in windy conditions. 

Professional installers understand exactly how to fit a shutter to a frame. This guarantees a strong, firm installation that is properly aligned so that the shutter cannot improperly flex or move under pressure from the wind.   

Regular Maintenance 

Maintaining your shutters regularly can keep them from experiencing damage or wear that may contribute to noise in windy weather. 

Inspecting for damage and  swiftly carrying out any necessary repairs as needed, all support the enjoyment of quieter shutters. Helpfully, this can also extend their lifespan.

Titan Shutters – Enjoy A Peaceful Home No Matter The Weather 

Delivering the highest quality shutters and unmatched expertise in shutter installation, Titan Shutters ensures your shutters perform at their peak. 

Whether you are on the hunt for the quietest shutters on the market or require assistance pinpointing the cause of noisy shutters that are already installed, we can help. 

From new installations to repairs, maintenance and replacements, we’re the team you can count on. 

Call Titan Shutters today at 1300 020 001 to learn more. 

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