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How are shutters mounted to a house

How Are Shutters Mounted to a House?

If you’re considering investing in roller shutters for your home’s windows, you may be wondering how these shutters are installed or mounted. 

Whether this is related to concerns over how securely they will be mounted or whether this will require significant and somewhat irreversible alterations to your home, it’s worth investigating. 

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how shutters are installed on a window, what is involved and the importance of professional assistance.

Let’s get right to it.  

Installing Roller Shutters

Exterior shutters, also known as security shutters or roller shutters, are typically mounted onto the outside structure of a house. This is usually above windows or doors and done to provide security, insulation, and light control among other benefits.  

The Process For Mounting Shutters

While a similar approach to installation is usually taken, it’s worth noting that the specific installation process can vary depending on several factors. 

This includes considerations such as the type of roller shutter, the material of the house’s exterior, and local building codes and regulations among others.  

The following is a general overview of how shutters are mounted:

Measurement & Planning

Before installation can occur, precise measurements of the windows are taken. This is to ensure the roller shutters have been manufactured to the right size and will fit correctly. 

These measurements also assist in pinpointing the correct locations for the roller shutter itself, the header box, the motor or winder and any other necessary components requiring installation. 


Depending on the window in question, any existing shutters or fixtures will need to be removed as well as any obvious debris such as spiderwebs, sticks or leaf litter.

Mounting The Roller Shutter Pelmet

The roller shutter pelmet is generally the first item to be installed. The pelmet contains the mechanism for rolling and unrolling the shutter and can be quite heavy. Following the fitment of the pelmet, it will be assessed to ensure it is level and properly aligned, with adjustments made as needed to ensure smooth operation.

Motor Or Winder Installation

If the roller shutter is motorised, the motor unit is installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This typically involves inserting the motor into the roller shutter’s axle and connecting it to a power source or internal switch. 

Where it is manually operated, this will involve access to inside the home where a winder mechanism will be installed and attached through the wall to the external shutter mechanism. 


Once fully installed, your installer will test the shutter and its various components to ensure it operates correctly. 

Testing should be performed on both manual and motorised shutters and is essential for confirming proper alignment and functionality. Any concerns should be noted and addressed before you sign off on the installation. 

The Importance Of Professional Installation 

To ensure the integrity of your roller shutters and that they can perform as expected, they must be installed safely and correctly by a professional. 

Improperly mounted or poorly installed roller shutters can cause numerous issues including but not limited to:

  • Sagging of the shutter
  • Impediments to the proper opening or closing of the shutter
  • A reduction in security, making it easier for intruders to gain access
  • Ineffective insulation against heat and cold
  • The shortened lifespan of the shutter components 
  • Damage to your home’s exterior and more. 

Prioritising professional installation not only mitigates all of the above risks but it may also be necessary to retain the warranty offered with your shutters.   

Professionals understand exactly how to properly install a shutter, accounting for its unique characteristics and those of your home for a perfect end result. 

Titan Shutters – Leading Industry Experts  

Backed by decades of combined experience, the team at Titan Shutters offer unmatched expertise in all areas of outdoor roller shutters. 

We measure, manufacture and install every roller shutter we sell, guaranteeing quality and a seamless process from start to finish and beyond. 

To learn more about how shutters may be mounted to your house or to book an obligation-free consultation, call our friendly team today at 1300 020 001.  

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