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How do roller shutters work?

How Do Roller Shutters Work?

If you have ever walked around your neighbourhood, you may have noticed that many homeowners have invested in roller shutters. 

There are several good reasons for this and it may surprise you to know it isn’t exclusively about safety and security.  

Offering many benefits and able to be custom-made to suit your home, roller shutters are increasingly popular and exceedingly worthwhile for your home. 

If you’re curious about what roller shutters are, how they operate, and whether they’re right for your home and needs, this guide is for you. 

Read on to learn more and discover why roller shutters are well worth the investment

What Are Roller Shutters And How Do They Work?

A roller shutter, also often referred to as a security shutter, is a type of coiling exterior shutter used to cover and shield windows. 

Made using interlocking horizontal slats, these shutters can be lowered from and raised into a fixed headbox or pelmet box above each window or opening. When fully retracted, the shutter remains tightly coiled and protected within this box. 

Guided by fitted tracks on both sides, once closed these shutters form a tight seal around the window or opening, making it inaccessible from the outside. 

Available in a diverse range of colours to match the aesthetics of your house, roller shutters may be electronically or battery operated via the press of a button or manually via a hand crank.

What Are Roller Shutters Made Of?

Modern roller shutters are made from aluminium and consist of slats that are joined together to provide a protective barrier for windows. 

The Titan Shutters ThermoShield residential slat is filled with a special insulated foam, designed to absorb heat on hotter days and trap warm air in winter.

Other roller shutters may be made using steel or PVC, however, these are less common than aluminium. Steel shutters, while strong, are much heavier than aluminium and more prone to corrosion. 

Likewise, PVC tends to break down more easily over time when exposed to UV rays and is unable to deliver the same level of security or insulation as aluminium. 

Aside from the slatted curtain, roller shutters also incorporate a motor, guide tracks, a pelmet box for safe storage when coiled and other important components. 

When manufactured from high-quality materials and components, roller shutters are capable of delivering exceptional longevity and value. 

Roller shutters unique design provides the ultimate protection for your windows
Roller shutters unique design provides the ultimate protection for your windows

What Purpose Do Roller Shutters Serve?

So why install roller shutters? There are several great benefits and advantages available when opting to install roller shutters for your home including: 

  • Safeguarding your family, with increased security and privacy
  • Effective insulation and increased energy efficiency, leading to savings on heating and cooling bills
  • A reduction of outside noise
  • Better containment of indoor noise 
  • Control over light and airflow entering your home
  • Protecting your home from the elements, including severe winds, rain, hail or similar

In addition to the above, roller shutters can also be beneficial for properties within bushfire-prone areas. 

These specialty shutters hold a high fire rating and can help protect windows from breaking and embers from entering the home – giving you added peace of mind during bushfire season. 

Different Operation Types for Roller Shutters

The three main operation types for roller shutters are electric, battery and manual. 


Electric shutters use a hardwired electric motor to lower and raise the shutter. Using the wall switch or remote provided, you can operate each shutter independently, or in some instances all at the same time. 

Electric shutters are the most reliable of the three operation types. 


Using a battery pack mounted to the inside wall of where the shutter is installed, these shutters can be raised and lowered as needed. 

These batteries require frequent recharging and replacement which makes them less appealing.


More frequently seen in older styles of shutters, manually operated shutters require a hand crank to be wound to raise and lower them. 

Mounted inside, generally to the right of the window, this option is less aesthetically appealing than others and does require some strength and patience from the user. 

Operational issues from broken components are more frequent in manually operated shutters. 

Why We Recommend Electric Shutters 

If you are considering investing in roller shutters, we highly recommend opting for an electric system. The benefits offered by an electric system far outweigh any costs associated and in comparison with the alternatives. 

Electric shutters are:

  • Easy to open and shut by anyone in the household no matter their age or physicality 
  • Durable and reliable with no parts to recharge or replace 
  • Attractive and timeless in their design, there is no ugly winder or battery rest to install within your home

At Titan Shutters, we deal exclusively in electric roller shutters, for a couple of reasons.

  • They require little effort to operate; traditional winder systems are operated by cumbersome and heavy winder handles, whilst Titan’s state-of-the-art motorised drive system operates with the touch of a button. 
  • They are extremely durable: our hard-wired, high-quality motors will see that your shutters never miss a beat.

External battery systems rely on you for charging, need to be periodically replaced, and may need to be moved between shutters to operate them. This is entirely too cumbersome and creates unnecessary hassles. 

Electric roller shutters allow for ease of use and maintenance
Electric roller shutters allow for ease of use and maintenance

Thinking About Installing Electric Roller Shutters? We Can Help

At Titan Shutters, we have decades of industry experience manufacturing and installing the highest quality roller shutters on the market. 

We use only the best materials and incorporate state-of-the-art technology to ensure you receive the best possible value for your investment. 

Servicing all areas of Melbourne, our industry-leading installation timeframes are unmatched and our technicians are highly skilled. 

Where our competitors may offer a delivery time frame between 8 to 10 weeks, we pledge to deliver and install your roller shutters in just 4 weeks.  

In addition to manufacturing and installing, we also offer exceptional aftercare should you need any follow-up service or assistance. This is all part of the outstanding customer care we offer and something our many five-star testimonials attest to. 

Experience quality without compromise from a team that guarantees to go above and beyond. Enquire with our team about our roller shutters today at 1300 020 001.

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