Looking around your neighbourhood, you may have noticed that many homeowners have invested in roller shutters and are quickly discovering the many benefits.

If you’re curious about what roller shutters are, how they operate, and the different types, read on.

What purpose do roller shutters serve?

Roller shutters are increasingly popular due to their many advantages, such as:

What are roller shutters and how do they work?

Available in a diverse range of colours to match the aesthetics of your house, it’s easy to find the perfect roller shutter solution. Modern roller shutters are made from aluminium, and consist of slats that are joined together to provide a protective barrier for windows. Our ThermoShield residential slat is filled with a special insulated foam, designed to absorb heat on hotter days and trap warm air in winter.

Our roller shutters are electric, and they operate with the touch of a button. When fully retracted, they are tightly rolled up into a sleek pelmet box.

Types of roller shutters

There are three types of roller shutter systems: electric, battery and manual. Titan Shutters deals exclusively in electric roller shutters, for a couple of reasons.

If you are considering investing in roller shutters, bear in mind the benefits offered by an electric system, including: 

Thinking about electric roller shutters? Talk to us.

Titan Shutters services all areas of Melbourne, manufacturing and installing the highest quality roller shutters on the market.. With industry-leading installation timeframes, our technicians can be on site promptly. More than that, we offer exceptional aftercare should you need any follow-up service or assistance. 

To enquire about our roller shutters, submit a request today.

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