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How Much Do Roller Shutters Cost?

Roller shutters are growing increasingly popular as a window fitting of choice across Melbourne, due to the myriad of benefits they provide. Not only do they secure your home against intruders, they also act as an effective insulator, protect your house against the elements, and provide control over the noise, light and airflow that enters your home.

In this article, we’ll detail the costs involved in roller shutter installation in Melbourne and identify some factors which may impact this cost.

What goes into roller shutter pricing?

There are many considerations that affect the final quote for roller shutters. These include; the labour associated with and components used in the manufacturing process (components include; aluminium, insulative foam, motors, axles, spring hangers, entry guides and tracks) and the shutter installation, including labour, electrical works, controllers and any added complexities. Roller shutters generally utilise one of three operation types; electric, battery-operated or manual. Whilst electric roller shutters tend to have a higher price point than others, they also offer increased longevity and ease of use, which makes them a more valuable option in the long run.

What factors affect the price of roller shutters?

Roller shutters can be a significant investment, so ensuring they’re customised to our requirements, as well as the unique characteristics of each home, is vital. Because of this, a one size fits all approach to pricing is not possible. Some of the more common factors which influence roller shutter costs are:

  • Function – most residential roller shutters are installed for security, privacy, insulation and/or noise and light control – all of which is offered by Titan’s ThermoShield shutter. However, if there is another specific purpose or requirement for your roller shutter, this may affect the materials we use and consequently, the price.  For example, if you have a requirement for a shutter with a high BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating, you may opt for our Bushfire Roller Shutter instead.

  • Size – Roller shutters need to be the correct size for the window they cover; there is a very small margin of error for this, outside which the numerous benefits of roller shutters will not be achieved to their fullest extent. Incorrectly measured shutters can lead to excessive light entering through the window, ineffective insulation and soundproofing, and sagging of the shutter itself. As a general rule, the larger the shutter, the higher the cost; however this is not a linear relationship – at certain shutter sizes and weights, you will need a larger motor to raise and lower the shutter curtain, a stronger axle, and potentially restrained guides and heavy duty rollers. These parts will result in an increase to the overall cost of the shutter unit.

  • Install Characteristics – Every home is unique, and no two installations are the same. There are a number of factors which may need to be considered when pricing the installation of roller shutters. If a window is high, and difficult to access, scaffolding may be required to safely carry out the installation. In some cases, additional electrical work may be necessary to wire the shutter and wall switches correctly, or to clear the surface onto which a shutter will be installed (i.e. a light or security camera may need to be moved by an electrician). Packing and/or flashing may be needed to ensure a shutter is well fitted to a window, and finished properly. It is imperative that your shutter is installed by experienced installers, and any other necessary tradespeople, to ensure that it looks great on your home and you enjoy the benefits for years to come. 

  • Mode of Operation – Electric shutters shouldn’t incur additional expenses after install, but that may not be the case for battery and manual shutters, which often require replacement of batteries, or broken straps, winders, or pulleys. For electric roller shutters, when it comes to controllers, a remote control will likely be a little more expensive than a switch on the wall – you can opt to have either, or both.

As you can see, there are many factors which influence the final price of a roller shutter. It is important to make sure you are getting good value for your investments, and having your shutters made by an experienced manufacturer using high quality materials, then installed by a suitable team of knowledgeable professionals, will ensure that you do. At Titan Shutters, we offer exceptional quality in our materials as well as our manufacturing and installation, and any required follow-up service, which is carried out by our local teams. To take advantage of our years of experience in the industry, enquire with us today – ask us about our roller shutter offers.

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