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How much do roller shutters cost?

How Much Do Roller Shutters Cost?

Roller shutters are growing increasingly popular as a window fitting of choice across Melbourne, due to the myriad of benefits they provide. 

Able to protect your house against intruders, the elements, and give greater control over the noise, light and airflow that enters your home, they are truly versatile. 

In this article, we’ll detail the costs involved in roller shutter installation in Melbourne and identify factors that can contribute to this cost. 

Let’s dive right in. 

Roller Shutter Pricing – The Basics

First, let’s review the cost of the roller shutters themselves before any installation or customisation occurs.

There are several factors responsible for influencing individual shutter prices. These include:

  • The labour associated with the manufacturing process 
  • The components and materials used in manufacturing such as aluminium, insulative foam, motors, axles, spring hangers, entry guides and tracks

The quality of the components and materials used in manufacturing along with the standards upheld by the manufacturer will always be reflected in the price of each shutter. 

Well-made shutters that utilise the best available materials and components offer the best longevity and performance long-term – making them a worthwhile investment. 

Additional Factors That Influence Roller Shutter Pricing

When preparing a quote for roller shutters for a homeowner, we factor in the cost of each shutter in addition to the following. 


Most residential roller shutters are installed for security, privacy, insulation and/or noise and light control – all of which is offered by Titan’s ThermoShield shutter. 

However, if there is another specific purpose or requirement for your roller shutter, this may affect the materials we use and consequently, the price.  

For example, if you are seeking shutters with a high BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating, you may opt for our Bushfire Roller Shutter instead. 


To operate effectively, Roller shutters must be the correct size for the window they cover. There is a very small margin of error for this. When improperly sized the numerous benefits of roller shutters, including their ability to protect from intruders, are severely compromised. 

Incorrectly measured shutters may also lead to excessive light entering through the window, ineffective insulation and soundproofing, and sagging of the shutter itself. 

As a general rule, the larger the shutter, the higher the cost. However, this is not always a linear relationship. The added cost is less about the dimensions of the shutter and more about its weight. 

Larger shutters are naturally more heavy and you will usually need a larger motor to raise and lower the shutter curtain. It could also necessitate the need for a stronger axle, heavier-duty rollers and potentially restrained guides for greater resistance to outside forces.

Understandably, these parts will result in an increase in the overall cost of the shutter unit.

Install Characteristics 

Every home is unique, and no two installations are the same. This is why a home visit is necessary when quoting for shutter installation. 

When pricing the installation of roller shutters, the position, access and type of each window need to be assessed. 

For example, if a window is high up and difficult to access, scaffolding may be required to safely carry out the installation. 

In some cases, additional electrical work may be necessary to wire the shutter and wall switches correctly or to clear the surface onto which a shutter will be installed (i.e. a light or security camera may need to be moved by an electrician). 

Packing and/or flashing may also be needed to ensure a shutter can be well-fitted to a window and finished properly. 

The height and position of you new roller shutters can affect the cost of installation
The height and position of you new roller shutters can affect the cost of installation

Mode of Operation 

Electric shutters shouldn’t incur additional expenses after installation, but that may not be the case for battery and manual shutters.

These types of shutters often require the replacement of batteries, or broken straps, winders, or pulleys. 

For electric roller shutters, a remote control will likely be a little more expensive than a switch on the wall. However, you can opt to have either, or both based on your preferences and budget. 

Why Investing In Quality Shutters Matters 

At Titan Shutters, we recognise that installing shutters on your home can be a higher-cost investment

Due to this, it may be tempting to pursue lower-cost shutters from a less reputable supplier or install them yourself. We strongly recommend against this. 

If you’ve ever heard the saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ that can certainly be applied to low-cost shutters. 

These shutters:

  • Are typically made using poor-quality materials which cannot offer a good level of insulation from heat or noise
  • May not adhere to Australian standards, especially if the components are manufactured overseas 
  • May be much easier for intruders to overcome by pulling, cutting or tearing from the track
  • Are prone to operational faults or broken components, leading to costly repairs or replacements far too soon
  • Deliver reduced longevity overall

When improperly installed, the overall integrity of the shutters, even if a quality product, is entirely compromised. 

This is why it is important to make sure you deal with a reputable supplier so that you receive the maximum value from your investment in shutters

Are There Any Ongoing Costs?

If your shutters are made well, they are virtually maintenance free. The number one service call for a repair of a shutter is if that has been closed on an object or open window. As such,  as long as you keep your shutters free of any debris or other potential obstructions you’re unlikely to encounter the need for maintenance

Electric shutters do utilise a small amount of electricity to operate, however, each one requires less power than it takes to boil your kettle, so this is minimal. It is also worth keeping in mind that once installed, roller shutters increase your home’s overall energy efficiency for reduced energy bills. 

Roller shutters will increase the value of your home, while also increasing security and energy efficiency
Roller shutters will increase the value of your home, while also increasing security and energy efficiency

Quality Shutters Made And Installed In Melbourne

At Titan Shutters, we work closely with all homeowners to find the ideal solution for their needs, budget and the uniqueness of their property. 

Additionally, not only do we manufacture and install all shutters ourselves, but we can also assist with any required follow-up service, which is carried out by our local team of experts. 

This is just part of how we guarantee outstanding customer care alongside unmatched shutter quality and installation – something our testimonials and reviews attest to.  

To take advantage of our years of experience in the industry, enquire with us online today – or ask us about our roller shutter offers at 1300 020 001. 

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