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How to measure windows for shutters

How to Measure Windows for Shutters

Roller shutters offer a myriad of benefits for homeowners, from enhanced security and privacy to energy efficiency and noise reduction. 

However, to ensure these benefits are optimally delivered and that the integrity of the shutters can be guaranteed, accurate measurements and professional installation are strongly recommended. 

Whether you’re installing roller shutters for the first time or replacing old ones, knowing how to measure your windows correctly before ordering is essential. 

While the team at Titan Shutters offer professional on-site measuring as part of our service, the following is provided as a rough idea of how to measure your windows yourself if desired. 

Let’s get right to it. 

The DIY Measuring Process

If you’re just looking for an indication of shutter size and would prefer to measure yourself before engaging professional assistance, we recommend taking the following approach.  

Step 1. Gather Tools

Before you begin measuring, you’re going to need the following tools at hand.

  • A measuring tape. Preferably a metal one.
  • A step ladder or extendable ladder. 
  • A pen and paper. 

Step 2. Stop & Assess 

Before measuring your windows, we suggest taking a closer look at them in order to gather some essential information. This includes things such as: 

Window Type

Are your windows awning windows, sliding windows, or another type? Determining this will influence how and where on the window you take your measurements from. 

Fitment Type 

Decide if you want in-reveal or on-wall fitment, and whether you want the pelmet positioned above the lintel or under the eave . Most homeowners choose on-wall, under-eave fitment because the guides and pelmet are generally not seen from the inside of the home.

Window Count

How many windows or openings are you going to be measuring? Knowing this and noting it down can help to ensure you gather accurate measurements for each one and that none are missed.

Step 3. Measuring

Measuring Width

For in-reveal fitment – measure the inside width of the window reveal from left to right at the top, middle, and bottom. Take the narrowest measurement as your width.

For on-wall fitment – measure the width of the window reveal from left to right. Add the width of the guides on both sides to ensure full coverage and proper operation of the roller shutters. The normal guide size is 5.3cm each, and the extended guide is 6.9cm. 

Measuring Height

For below-eave fitment – measure from the underside of the eave to the bottom of the window or opening at the left, middle, and right. Take the shortest measurement as your height.

For above-lintel fitment – measure the inside height of the window reveal from top to bottom, at the left, middle and right hand side. Add extra height for the pelmet. The pelmet size will vary depending on the shutter type you are installing, but in general ranges from 16.5cm to 20.5cm. 

Step 4. Look For Any Obstructions

Look for any obstructions that might cause problems with the proper installation or operation of the roller shutters. Common obstructions to watch out for include things such as handles, locks, or window cranks. 

Where an obstruction is present, measure the distance from the window frame to the obstruction and how far out it protrudes and make a note of it.

Step 5. Write Down Measurements & Double-Check Them All

As you measure, carefully write down all measurements, labelling clearly which window they apply to and whether the measurements are for in-reveal or on-wall fitment. 

That old saying of measure-twice, cut once, also applies to shutters. You should always double-check all measurements before ordering to avoid errors, inconvenience and added expense. 

Additional Tips When Measuring Windows For Shutters

  • A spirit level should be used when measuring to determine if your windows are level, adjustments to measuring or installation techniques may be needed where levelling issues are present.  
  • Manufacturers may require specific details or criteria for installation, so always check their guidelines and recommendations.
  • Account for mode of operation. If you’re considering motorised roller shutters, factor in any space requirements for the motor and for manual shutters, the winder box.

Titan Shutters – The Value Of Professional Help

As long-term industry professionals, the team at Titan Shutters have the necessary expertise and skills to accurately measure your home for shutters. 

With all shutters, precision in measuring is key to performance. So engaging a professional is the best way to guarantee a perfect fit and that proper installation and maximum benefits are achieved. 

For friendly, professional assistance from leading industry experts, contact Titan Shutters today at 1300 020 001.

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