Melbourne Roller Shutters

Titan Shutters provides premium quality – not just in our roller shutters, but also through our services.

Our Quality Roller Shutters

Our roller shutters present a myriad of benefits including security, privacy, insulation, light control, weather and fire protection and noise reduction. As well as their many functional advantages, roller shutters can significantly add to the look, feel, and character of your home, and increase its overall value.


Complete Privacy

Roller shutters are operated from inside your home for complete control of your privacy. Enjoy soft, filtered light by partially opening the shutter, or close it completely - perfect for shift workers, young sleeping children, or a home theatre. You're in control with a Titan Roller Shutter.

Insulation Solution

Effective Insulation

Titan Roller Shutters provide a thick wall of insulation that works to keep the blazing heat out in summer and the much-needed warmth in throughout Melbourne’s harsh winter. This can dramatically reduce energy costs all year round - potentially cutting hundreds of dollars from your power bills.

Rain & storm protected logo

Protection from Severe Rain, Storms and Hail

Our roller shutters are constructed from extremely high quality materials and will not break or rattle in high winds, heavy rain or even hail. The tough aluminium protects your home from any fallen tree branches, flying debris or broken glass that can come with severe storms.


Security Solution

Made from double-skinned aluminium with a reinforced profile, Titan Roller Shutters are designed to keep unwanted guests out. Our Autolock security feature, coupled with the strength of our materials, makes our shutters near impossible to pry open from the outside.

Harmful UV ray defence logo

UV Defense

Prevent harmful UV rays from entering your home and take care of your household and belongings. Titan Roller Shutters will protect your furniture, carpets and interior furnishings from damage caused by excessive UV exposure. Our roller shutters are an ideal way to safeguard your home against Melbourne’s weather in all seasons.

Noise control Logo

Flexible Noise Control

Titan’s roller shutters have been proven to be effective in reducing noise transmission through windows and doors. The insulation within our shutters provides an effective barrier to unwanted outside noise such as traffic, lawn mowers, dogs, planes and passers-by.

Fast delivery

Quickest Delivery

Since our roller shutters are all locally manufactured in Melbourne, we can deliver with the shortest lead time. Most imported shutters have a delivery timeframe of 8-10 weeks; but we pledge to install in just 4.

Australian Made

Australian Made

Most shutters sold today are manufactured from imported components, but Titan Roller Shutters are made right here in Victoria, from Australian aluminium. We have put into place industry leading quality control procedures to ensure that when a shutter leaves our factory, it will stand the test of time and provide comfort and security for years to come.


Our roller shutters boast our premium signature curved profile. Each slat appears rounded from the side, promising a sleek aesthetic and strong, well-insulated shutters for Melbourne homes.

Secure and Sturdy: Made from double-skinned aluminium, this is our thickest and strongest model.

Superior Coating: Our slats are coated before forming which ensures all metal surfaces are protected from corrosion.

Insulating: Our slats are injected with polyurethane foam which enhances strength and improves insulation and soundproofing.

Roller Shutter manufacturing


Traditional roller shutters are operated by manual winder handles, which makes them cumbersome to use and subject to wear and tear. Titan’s motorised drive system provides full control at the touch of a button (from inside the house) at a price comparable to the winder system. Never again will you have to worry about straps breaking and fraying, winders not winding, or manual systems that are too heavy to use. Our shutters also offer a tight roll up diameter which makes them compact and able to roll up into a sleek box.


Our roller shutters come in a variety of 11 slat colours and 8 box colours, all of which are scratch and fade resistant. Our wide range lets you mix and match, allowing you to customise a shutter option to suit and enhance the aesthetic of your home.
Choose from our most popular shades, such as Woodland Grey, Monument or Cream, or stay neutral with classic black or white. Complement your home’s outside aesthetic with a contrasting colour to your facade, or opt for a similar shade for a consistent look.

RollerShutter_WoodlandGray RollerShutter-Cream RollerShutter-ShaleGray RollerShutter-Sand RollerShutter-DeepOceanBlue RollerShutter-Black RollerShutter-White RollerShutter-Monument


Roller shutters provide a physical layer of protection against outside forces, safeguarding your home against burglary and forced entry. They also help to fend off opportunistic entry via open or unlocked windows and doors. Titan Roller Shutters feature an autolocking mechanism, which prevents a closed shutter from being lifted or pried open from the outside.

Roller shutters are a great way to darken a room during the day or block artificial light, such as headlights and streetlights, at night. When a Titan Roller Shutter is completely down, it blocks up to 99% of light from entering through the window. When a shutter is partially opened, the small perforations between slats allow a low level of filtered light in, as well as providing one-way vision for privacy.

Our Thermoshield Roller Shutter is made with insulated aluminium slats, and effectively blocks up to 90% of heat. Whether you want to keep heat in or out, our shutters will fully cover your windows and act as a thick layer of insulation, preventing temperature transfer.

Titan Roller Shutters are made locally here in Melbourne. As such, we can typically have your roller shutters manufactured and installed within 3-4 weeks. In terms of the actual installation, the time it will take depends on the overall complexity of the job. The general rule is that it takes about 1-2 hours to install one shutter, but additional time should be allowed for some install situations such as multi-storey homes and solid concrete or double brick walls.