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Roller shutters on every window

Should You Put Shutters On Every Window?

If you’re considering installing roller shutters at your home, you may be wondering whether or not it is necessary to do so on every window.

Ultimately, there is no one correct answer or one size fits all approach. Instead, several unique factors may influence your decision regarding how many shutters are needed at your home. 

These include things such as your specific needs or expectations, preferences, budget, and the level of security or protection you desire.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at these considerations so you can make a well-informed decision on whether or not you should put shutters on every window. 

Key Considerations


If your decision to install roller shutters is closely tied to a desire for greater security and safety within your home, placing one on every window can provide optimal peace of mind.

A near impenetrable physical barrier against intruders, having roller shutters on every window ensures there is no obvious or unprotected entry point into your property. As such, leaving some windows without shutters may still leave you vulnerable to a break-in. 

Privacy & Noise Control 

Installing roller shutters on every window gives you the utmost control over your privacy. No matter the time of day or what is going on outside, you can stop prying eyes with ease. 

Roller shutters also aid in dampening the volume of outside noise, however to experience this to the fullest, the room you are looking to quieten should have a shutter installed on every window. 

Light Control 

If you struggle with sunlight or artificial light, such as street lights or headlights, entering a room, window shutters are the ideal solution. 

Able to facilitate a complete block out of light when closed, they’re well-suited to shift workers, children’s rooms, media rooms and more. While not necessarily required on every window for this purpose, doing so ensures you can adapt any room to suit your changing needs. 


One little-known benefit of roller shutters is their capacity to enhance the energy efficiency of your home through improved insulation.

Helping to block summer heat or winter chill from getting into your home, your efforts to maintain a comfortable inside temperature through heating and cooling are more effective. This means a reduction in electricity usage and therefore lower energy bills. 

Optimal efficiency is achieved when every window has a shutter installed, ensuring there are no gaps in the insulation. 


Curb appeal is undoubtedly more important to some homeowners than others. If you prefer your home to have a seamless, finished appearance, having shutters on every window is advisable. 

While you may have good reasons not to install shutters on every window, to an outsider or a potential buyer, it may detract from the visual appeal of your property. This has the potential to then negatively affect its perceived value.


While shutters generally can be fitted to windows of all shapes and sizes with great success, they may impair your use of the window in some cases. 

For instance, winding windows may have restricted functionality while the shutter is lowered, making it harder to enjoy normal airflow. By comparison, sliding windows can operate as normal even when the shutter is closed. 

This may mean shutters are less suited to some windows in your home than others, based on window types and your functional preferences. 


The cost of installing shutters on every window is of course higher than opting to install on a select few. 

While installing on every window at once is the gold standard for the reasons mentioned above, you can achieve the same end result in stages if the upfront cost doesn’t work with your budget. 

In these instances, particularly where security and privacy are a concern, we recommend starting with street-facing, lower-floor windows first.

Titan Shutters – Experts In Window Shutters

As industry experts with years of experience, Titan Shutters understands the uniqueness of each homeowner’s needs and preferences and can cater to most requests. 

Custom manufacturing all our shutters right here in Australia, our focus is on delivering products of unmatched quality and longevity, regardless of how many windows you elect to cover. 

We happily work with clients to install shutters on every window in one go as well as those who elect to install in stages or only on particular rooms. We also offer flexible financing options for those who want all of their windows covered right away, but would prefer not to incur the expense upfront. Whatever your preferences, we’re the team you can trust.

To arrange your obligation-free quote or to explore your options further, contact the friendly team at Titan Shutters today on 1300 020 001

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