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Shutters vs Blinds

Shutters vs Blinds

Roller shutters and outdoor blinds are both popular choices with homeowners across Australia thanks to their abilities to enhance privacy and control light.

While they may serve similar purposes, they differ significantly in their construction, functionality, and offering of benefits. 

If you’re unsure whether shutters or blinds are a better option for your needs, then this detailed guide is for you. 

Read on to learn about the many differences between roller shutters and blinds, their benefits and more, so you can discover which option is best suited to your needs. 

Exterior Shutters Vs. Outdoor Blinds

When determining which of these window coverings is best, it is essential to weigh up the following:

Construction & Materials

Roller Shutters

While some roller shutters are made using PVC, they are more commonly made from high-strength metal materials, such as aluminium or steel.

Constructed from interconnected, horizontal slats, roller shutters lower and retract from a compact header box installed above windows or doors. Operated by a manual winder or in-built motor, each shutter can be adjusted to provide varying levels of visibility and insulation.


Outdoor blinds are typically made using UV-resistant PVC mesh fitted within a tough aluminium frame. They can be raised or lowered manually or through the use of a motor. 

While they can be fitted to windows and doors, outdoor blinds are more commonly used to screen outdoor patios and balconies. They provide a moderate level of protection from the elements and are very effective at deterring insects. 

Light Control & Privacy

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters, when completely lowered, block external light sources from entering your home, as well as preventing visibility from outside. This control over privacy and light makes roller shutters ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas and more. 

Where some diffused lighting is preferred, roller shutters can be partially opened to allow in a small level of filtered natural light, whilst maintaining exceptional levels of privacy. 


Outdoor blinds also offer added privacy and greater control over how much natural light can enter a space. However, being made from mesh, they are unable to completely block visibility or light. The upside of this is that blinds can offer greater airflow, when fully closed, than roller shutters.

Despite the varying levels of transparency available, light can easily filter through. This means that privacy may be especially compromised at night when lit from behind.

Security & Durability

Roller Shutters

One of the primary advantages of roller shutters is the outstanding security benefits they provide. Constructed of high-strength, robust materials, when properly installed roller shutters are almost impossible to pull, kick, push or lever out of place. 

This makes them resistant not only to would-be intruders but also to extreme weather conditions. Roller shutters actively deter criminals and protect your home from damage. 

The enamel-baked frame and slats offer exceptional durability, promising to keep their fantastic appearance year after year. 


Blinds offer minimal security benefits compared to roller shutters. While they can help deter prying eyes and provide a level of privacy, outdoor blinds can be easily overcome by intruders. 

Additionally, they offer minimal shielding against rain or wind when compared with shutters. In terms of durability, depending on their position and exposure level, blinds may also be susceptible to damage from extreme weather events, pets, children, or UV.

Energy Efficiency

Roller Shutters

With each slat individually injected with insulative foam, Titan roller shutters make it easier to achieve and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. 

This improves energy efficiency by protecting against heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. With a reduced need for heating and cooling, as a result, energy bills are lowered. 

As an added benefit, the insulative properties of our roller shutters also help to block out noise, for even greater comfort and enjoyment of your home. 


Outdoor blinds offer some degree of improvement concerning energy efficiency by lessening the amount of sunlight entering a room and thereby reducing heat gain. During cooler months, however, they offer minimal insulation against the cold. 

When compared to roller shutters, outdoor blinds cannot compete in terms of insulation and are unlikely to contribute to a noticeable improvement in energy efficiency long term.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters require minimal maintenance to remain optimally functional. A quick washdown with mild detergent and water once or twice a year is all that is usually needed to keep them at their best. 

Periodic inspection of hardware and re-lubricating mechanisms as required ensures smooth operation and promotes even greater longevity. 


Dust, pet hair, bird droppings, cobwebs and other debris can quickly accumulate on the mesh, requiring regular washing or wiping down to retain airflow and adequate visibility. 

As a naturally more porous material than aluminium, the PVC mesh used for outdoor blinds may also be prone to staining or marking more easily than a shutter would. 


Ultimately, both roller shutters and blinds offer unique advantages and benefits. 

Where roller shutters excel in the provision of security, durability, and energy efficiency, outdoor blinds offer versatility in design, greater airflow and a more relaxed solution to light control and privacy. 

Deciding which one is best will come down to your specific needs and preferences. 

Invest In The Best With Titan Shutters

At Titan Shutters, we are experts in both roller shutters and outdoor blinds. Able to assist in guiding you towards the right solution for your home, we can advise on which of these products will give you your preferred outcome. 

From outdoor blinds used to create a functional and comfortable outdoor living space to roller shutters that enable private, peaceful and safe indoor environments, we can do it all. 

All our blinds and shutters are custom-made right here in Melbourne to the highest standards and using only the best quality materials. Ensuring that no matter which option you choose, you’re guaranteed the best outcome. 

To learn more about roller shutters or window blinds; from suitability to benefits, characteristics to cost, and everything in between, call Titan Shutters today on 1300 020 001.

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