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What Are The Benefits Of Roller Shutters?

If you live in Melbourne or its surrounding suburbs and are considering the installation of roller shutters, you’re not alone. Roller shutters are becoming increasingly popular across Victoria and for good reason. 

Representing a truly worthwhile investment in your home, roller shutters offer a wide range of fantastic benefits to homeowners. From enhanced security to better energy efficiency and unmatched privacy, roller shutters can do it all with ease. 

In this guide, we’ll look at all of these benefits and more. Learn why outdoor blinds and roller shutters are in such high demand and why they’re an ideal choice for your home.

What Are Roller Shutters?

Also known as security shutters, roller shutters are a type of exterior window covering similar to interior blinds but with added features and benefits. 

Using horizontal interlocking slats, the shutter is lowered and raised from a fixed headbox above. Roller shutters can be motorised and controlled via remote or may be operated manually via a winder box. 

Constructed of aluminium and with foam insulation in each slat, these shutters can be used on both windows and doors. When properly cared for and maintained, these shutters can last for decades, making them a preferred choice for many homeowners.

Who Are Roller Shutters Suited To?

Roller shutters are a great choice for homeowners of all ages and in all locations. While often associated with home security, there are many other benefits to roller shutters that are equally desirable.

Roller shutters can be installed on properties of all ages, from brand-new builds to established homes, businesses and more.  As most roller shutters are custom-made, this also ensures they can be used on a wide variety of door and window sizes with ease.

At Titan Shutters, our roller shutters can be operated by a remote control which makes them highly accessible and suitable for all ages and abilities. 

Whether you’re seeking a reliable security solution, better privacy, reduced sunlight and heat or protection from the elements, roller shutters are suited to all of this and more. 

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Top 8 Benefits Of Installing Roller Shutters

Safety & Security

You can’t put a price on the safety and security of your home and family. With crime statistics in Victoria showing that property offences such as burglary are of continued concern, taking proactive security steps is highly advisable. 

Designed to last and withstand applied force, harsh Australian weather conditions and everyday use, they are durable and difficult to damage. An effective visual deterrent against would-be intruders, security roller shutters are also near-impossible to open from the outside when closed. 

When fitted with our Autolock security feature, they provide exceptional security. This makes them ideal for any homeowner seeking to boost their home’s safety and enjoy valuable peace of mind. 

Temperature Control & Protection 

Have you ever wished your home had double-glazed windows to help with insulation? Installing roller shutters can help achieve a similar outcome. 

Able to provide a good level of insulation, they can keep your home cool during the summer and warm when it’s chilly outside. This makes them perfect for Melbourne’s icy winters and increasingly hot summers. 

Additionally, they can shield you from high winds, hail storms and heavy rainfall. In a severe storm, they act as a protective barrier for your windows against airborne debris and falling branches.

Improved Energy Efficiency 

With energy prices on the rise, most homeowners are seeking ways to reduce their bills and become more energy efficient. 

Installing roller shutters can help you achieve this. At Titan Shutters, our shutters feature strong aluminium slats which are filled with insulative foam, reducing heat transfer and offering superior strength. 

Providing a barrier against external weather changes, shutters help to reduce your home’s energy consumption. As heating and cooling efforts are more effective and indoor temperatures can be maintained with more ease, you naturally use less electricity. 

Noise Reduction

Live near a busy road, school or train station or simply live in a noisy neighbourhood? Perhaps you want to be able to entertain guests at your home without worrying about disturbing your neighbours. 

Did you know that roller shutters can block outside noise by up to 50%? Absorbing sound waves from outside or blocking those within, roller shutters are one of the most effective solutions for noise pollution in a residential setting. 

This is all thanks to that same high-quality insulative foam that assists with temperature control and energy efficiency. 

Privacy & Light Control 

Do you work the night shift and need a dark daytime environment to sleep in? Seeking a way to protect your furniture from UV damage or turn your lounge into the perfect movie-watching environment at any time of the day? 

With roller shutters, at the touch of a button, you can perfectly control the amount of light inside your home. There is no lightbox effect around curtains, pesky cords to fuss around with or dusty surfaces to clean. 

When your shutters are completely down, they not only reduce glare from the sun but also offer unmatched privacy from prying eyes. 

Are you concerned roller shutters will make your home too dark? This is a common misconception and one we are happy to dispel.  

While you can use them as a near complete block-out blind, some of our shutter systems have perforations between the slats. What this means is when the shutter is partially open, it allows soft filtered light into your home. This ensures a cosy, private space for you to enjoy no matter the weather outside. 

Protection From Bush Fires

One lesser-known benefit of roller shutters is their ability to aid in the protection of your home during a bushfire. 

Fire-rated roller shutters can drastically reduce the heat of a bushfire entering your home. This protects the glass from shattering while also keeping debris, ash and cinders from getting inside. 

Tested to surpass a BAL 29 rating, all Titan Shutters far exceed the minimum rating of BAL 12.5 required for Victorian homes in bushfire-prone areas. Our shutters are also available up to a rating of BAL 40 where preferred. 

This makes our shutters extremely safe and a great choice for anyone living in these areas who desires added protection from bushfires. 


If like most homeowners, you’re proud of your house and its external appearance, you’ll want a window solution that won’t detract from this. 

With roller shutters, you need not worry. With their sleek design, tight roll-up diameter and ability to be made in a wide range of colours, there is an option to complement every home aesthetic. 

Additionally, as they are made using long-lasting coated aluminium, you’re sure to enjoy your shutters well into the future without any peeling or fading. 

Increased Property Value

Lastly, roller shutters are an excellent way to add value to your home, often viewed as favourably as other features such as air conditioning, roller shutters are a great selling point. 

Potential buyers will love the features that roller shutters bring, such as increased security and protection against the elements.

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Titan Shutters – Your Local Experts 

Ready to enjoy all the benefits that roller shutters offer? No matter where you are located in Melbourne, the team at Titan Shutters can help. 

Industry leaders, we ensure a seamless process from start to finish and are proud to supply Australian-made roller shutters to Melbourne homeowners. 

Manufacturing and installing all roller shutters to your home’s custom measurements, we guarantee unrivalled quality, functionality and service.

Invest in your home with roller shutters from Titan Shutters. Enquire online today or call 1300 020 001 to arrange your obligation-free quote with one of our skilled technicians.

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