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What Are The Benefits Of Roller Shutters?

There’s no doubt that roller shutters are becoming increasingly popular across Melbourne homes. With so many benefits to enjoy, it’s easy to see why roller shutters are a worthwhile window solution for all residential properties.

Here are just some of the reasons why outdoor blinds and roller shutters are in high demand:

Safety and security

You can’t put a price on your safety and security. Security roller shutters can be an effective deterrent against would-be intruders, as they are near-impossible to open from the outside when closed. They also don’t get damaged easily, and are fitted with our Autolock security feature, making them an essential component in a total home security solution.

Temperature control and protection 

Did you know that roller shutters provide insulation? They can keep your home cool during the summer and warm when it’s chilly outside. Additionally, they can shield you from high winds, as well as hail storms and heavy rainfall. In a severe storm, they act as a protective barrier for your windows against airborne debris and falling branches.

Save energy

Reduce your energy bills with roller shutters. Our shutter slats are made from strong aluminium, filled with insulative foam, which can help reduce your home’s energy consumption.

Noise reduction

Live near a busy street? Roller shutters can block outside noise by up to 50%. In a similar vein, you can entertain guests at home without worrying about disturbing your neighbours.

Privacy and light control 

At the touch of a button, you can control the amount of light inside your home. When your shutters are completely down, they can reduce glare from the sun – as well as deter prying eyes. Our shutters are perforated between slats – so when partially open, they allow soft filtered light into your home.

Aesthetically pleasing

Due to their sleek design, tight roll-up diameter and long-lasting coated aluminium, you’re sure to enjoy your shutters well into the future. There are also many colours to choose from to ensure they complement the exterior of your home.

Increase your home’s value

Lastly, roller shutters are an excellent way to add value to your home. Potential buyers will love the features that roller shutters bring, such as increased security and protection against the elements.

Ready to enjoy all the roller shutter benefits?

Invest in your home with roller shutters from Titan Shutters. We provide premium quality products that are unrivalled when it comes to quality, functionality and aesthetics. Enquire today

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