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The lifespan of roller shutters

What is the Lifespan of Window Shutters?

There’s no denying that installing window shutters or security shutters on your home represents a significant investment. As such, it is natural that you’d want to enjoy them for as long as possible. 

If you’re wondering how long window shutters last or whether there are ways to enhance their longevity, you’re in the right place. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the lifespan of window shutters, the factors influencing this and what you can do to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment. 

How Long Should Window Shutters Last?

If properly cared for, window roller shutters should last 10 years or more. In many cases, homeowners have enjoyed their roller shutters for over 20 years and counting. 

Exactly how long your shutters will last comes down to a variety of factors, some of which are within your control and some that are not. 

Factors That Contribute To A Shutter’s Lifespan

Material Type & Quality

The type and quality of the materials used to manufacture a shutter play a key role in how durable and long-lasting it will be. 

High-strength materials such as steel or aluminium are naturally more resistant to wear and degradation over time, especially compared to shutters made using PVC. 

At Titan Shutters, our shutters are made using enamel-coated, double-walled, high-grade aluminium, combining the very best in materials and quality for unmatched longevity. 


The design and assembly of each shutter also play a crucial role in how well they last. 

Thoughtfully designed shutters that are manufactured by industry experts are more likely to be constructed with sturdy frames, reinforced corners, durable hardware and other quality components. 

This facilitates a sound structure while also promoting precision in the shutter operation, reducing the chance of wear and tear or incidences of malfunction. 

Environmental Conditions

Shutters are just as susceptible to climate and environmental conditions as any other external part of your home. 

Depending on your location, your shutters may be exposed to extreme heat or cold, high levels of humidity, direct sunlight, high winds, heavy rains, salt and more. 

All of these can contribute to the deterioration of your shutters over time, causing fading, corrosion, warping and other potential damage.  

For instance, someone who lives in a coastal area may be more likely to experience corrosion of their shutters due to salt build-up. Conversely, discolouration from higher UV exposure may be more problematic in arid locations. 


Just as maintaining your car aids in its ability to perform well and without complications over time, the same is true for your shutters. 

While shutters are relatively low maintenance, inspecting them and giving them a gentle clean with detergent and water a few times a year is advisable. 

This ensures any build-up of dirt and debris can be removed before damage to mechanisms and components can occur as a result. Where damage is discovered, it also allows you to arrange for repair or replacement and thereby avoid further deterioration of the shutter. 

Installation Quality

The importance of professional installation for your shutters cannot be overstated. This is an essential component of their longevity and ability to perform as expected right from day one. 

Improperly installed shutters are more inclined to experience issues such as sagging, misalignment, or loosening over time. 

This may lead to premature wear and failure of your shutters while also impairing their integrity. They will be unable to deliver maximum benefits relating to security, energy efficiency, sound dampening and more. 

Usage & Handling

The frequency and manner in which window shutters are used and handled will also have an impact on their longevity. 

Never use excessive force or roughly handle your shutters as this can cause irreversible damage to mechanisms, hinges, and the slats. If your shutter becomes jammed or unresponsive, it is best to call a professional to assess and repair it. 

Additionally, be mindful of how frequently you raise and lower your shutters. While they are designed to be used every day for years, repeated raising and lowering each day will naturally wear them out more quickly. Don’t be afraid to use them though; regular use is substantially better for them than not using them at all!

Enjoy Lasting Quality With Titan Shutters

Proud of our reputation for manufacturing and installing shutters of the highest quality, the team at Titan Shutters ensures you get maximum longevity from your investment. 

Our shutters are made right here in Australia to the highest of standards and use only the best quality materials. Paired with our professional installation and after-care services, we’re the team you can trust to deliver shutters with an unmatched lifespan. 

To learn more or to arrange your obligation-free quotation, call Titan Shutters today at 1300 020 001. 

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