Titan Outdoor Blinds

At Titan, we install industry-leading track guided outdoor blinds, with vast product knowledge and excellent customer service.

With Titan Outdoor Blinds, you can make the most of your outdoor living areas, year round. Our blinds are a great one-time investment, providing numerous long-term benefits, and adding to the overall value of your property.

Outdoor space control

Live outdoors, year-round

Don't let the unpredictable Melbourne weather keep you from enjoying your outdoor entertainment areas. Titan Outdoor Blinds help shield breeze and rain, giving you control of your outdoor space.

easy to use logo

Easy to use

No chains, ropes or pullies. Electrically hard-wired and operated with a radiofrequency remote control, Titan Outdoor Blinds are a breeze to raise and lower.

Keep your privacy safe

Privacy on-demand

With varying levels of transparency, Titan Outdoor Blinds afford you privacy when you need it, and give you back your view when you don’t!

Pest Barrier logo

Barrier against pests

Keep insects and small animals from getting into your outdoor living areas, as well as dust and other airborne debris.

Protection from the sun

Weather shield

As well as wind and rain, Titan Outdoor Blinds offer protection against the sun, providing you with shade and comfort on hot days.

Color choice selector

Wide range of colours

The aluminium surrounds come in 6 popular Colourbond colours, and there are over 30 options to choose from for the fabric.

Fast delivery

Quickest Delivery

Since Titan Outdoor Blinds are all locally manufactured, we can guarantee to deliver with the shortest lead time.

Victorian Made

Proudly Victorian Made

Titan Outdoor Blinds are made here in Melbourne. Support local jobs, whilst enjoying the benefit of a quick installation turnaround!


Titan’s EzyZip track blind is manufactured with a high-density extruded aluminium frame to ensure maximum flex resistance, resulting in problem free blind movement.

The system features a self-lubricating polymer side restraint which (when coupled with our extruded frame) eliminates common blind issues, such as distortion and skewing whilst in operation. Additionally, the EzyZip restraint is heat-welded to the fabric, thereby avoiding the need for stitching that can rot, wear or catch.

EzyZip features a multi-directional channel tensioning setting for optimal alignment which, along with the weighted bottom bar, gives a taut blind fabric result that complements any outdoor setting.

As a result of their unique design, the EzyZip track blinds do not suffer from bowing, flexing or fabric bellowing common to other track blind systems. To ensure a long product life, we use 100% Australian aluminium which is suitable for coastal areas.

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Titan Outdoor Blinds are a great answer to any privacy concerns you may have around your outdoor areas. We offer two different fabrics with varying levels of privacy (99% and 95%) and our motorised blinds are especially easy to put up and down for privacy on demand. We have found that our darker coloured fabrics are better for seeing out and provide more privacy, due to the light differential between living areas and outdoors – but our lighter fabrics provide great visual cover as well.

Titan Outdoor Blinds are a fantastic shield against winds and rain which would otherwise impede the use of your patio, balcony, verandah, or pergola. Whilst they can often give you back the use of your outdoor areas, we recommend leaving them rolled up into their pelmet box when you are not using these areas, or in inclement weather. It is important to remember that outdoor blinds are not walls, and leaving them up and away when you don’t need them will improve their longevity and reduce the risk of any damage being caused by external forces.

Melbourne is not a very humid climate, so providing shade from the sun goes a long way in reducing the effect of its heat. Titan Outdoor Blinds offer a reliable shield from the sun’s rays, whilst their fine mesh fabric doesn’t trap the heat and still allows a light breeze to pass through. When it comes to heat reduction, we have found that this mesh is the best balance between sun protection and airflow, which is one of the reasons we don’t offer other coverings such as PVC or canvas.