Rest assured that your home is protected with Titan’s fire-rated roller shutters.

Our Quality Roller Shutters

Victoria is particularly susceptible to large, intense bushfires so it’s important to safeguard your home if you live in a bushfire prone area. Our shutters offer several different protection levels, ranging up to BAL-40 (very high), which can withstand some of the most intense fire and extreme heat conditions.

Think safety, think Titan Shutters

Protect your most valuable assets with fire-rated roller shutters. Not only do they reduce heat by up to 90%, but they decrease the likelihood of your windows exploding, and can keep debris from being blown into your home.

The importance of having a BAL rated shutter should not be underestimated. In Victoria, a minimum of BAL 12.5 is required for all new homes that are built in bushfire-prone areas. All of Titan’s roller shutters are rated BAL 25 or above, making them extremely safe.


Bushfire Barrier

When a bushfire is on your doorstep, glass windows aren’t enough to keep your home safe. Windows can magnify the heat or explode completely, allowing the fire into your home. Bushfire roller shutters are a strong line of defence which could potentially save your house and anything inside it.


High BAL Rating

Every new home and renovation undertaken in a bushfire prone area is required to be tested and comply with the bushfire attack level (BAL) rating system. Titan installs shutters suitable for homes rated up to very high BAL-40.


Security Solution

Our bushfire shutters will also protect your home from intruders; all of our shutters feature an Autolock system which makes them almost impossible to pry open from the outside.


Total Privacy

At the touch of a button, block out up to 99% of light and create a complete visual shield from onlookers and passers-by.

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Efficient Insulation

Made from double-walled extruded aluminium, with air pockets for increased insulation, our bushfire roller shutters will help you stay cool in summer and warm through winter. Using roller shutters to moderate your indoor temperature means you could save hundreds on your energy bill.

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Extreme Weather Protection

Our roller shutters are designed to protect your home from more than bushfires. Made from tough, double-walled aluminium, Titan’s bushfire roller shutters will not let you down under any extreme weather conditions. Stay protected during storms from hail, fallen tree branches, flying debris and broken glass.

Australian Made

Proudly Australian Made

Titan Shutters is a proudly Victorian owned and operated business. Our shutters meet Australian quality, safety and fire standards and they stand the test of time on thousands of Victorian homes.

Fast delivery

Fast Delivery

Don’t wait months for your shutters to be imported from overseas; all of our roller shutters are manufactured here in Melbourne, meaning we can install within 4 weeks.


Roller shutters are the perfect defence for your windows or doors in a fire. Depending on your requirement, we can install either a BAL 29 or BAL 40 shutter. BAL stands for Bushfire Attack Level, and refers to the susceptibility of your house to certain aspects of severe bushfires including ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact.
Our Thermoshield insulated shutter has a BAL rating of 29, which we generally find to be the optimal balance between fire protection and insulation for metro installations, where the added protection of the BAL 40 is not required. Our BAL 40 bushfire shutter is made from high gauge extruded aluminium, without insulation, to provide an added level of protection against fires.

As Titan Bushfire Roller Shutters are made from extruded aluminium slats to achieve their BAL 40 rating, they are very heavy and extremely strong. This, along with Titan’s Autolock feature, means our bushfire shutters are virtually impossible to break through or open from the outside, and your home is safe and secured from any potential intruders.

A number of experienced installers are required to install a Titan Bushfire Roller Shutter. We generally like to hold a site inspection beforehand so we can plan a safe and smooth install. On the day, our installers use a jig to roll the heavy shutter curtain up into its pelmet box as it is installed. This ensures the safety of our team and the shutter, making sure no damage takes place and the fire safety of the shutter is not compromised.