Have confidence that your home and family are protected with Titan’s security roller shutters.

Our Quality Roller Shutters

We use premium quality Australian materials to ensure that our security roller shutters are of the highest standard in strength, home security and reliability. Titan Shutters will give you total peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your home and its contents.

More and more Melbourne homeowners are investing in security roller shutters to improve their home environment and protect their most important assets. As a valuable addition to any home, window security shutters offer many benefits, including:

  • When lowered, security roller shutters provide privacy, and act as a visual deterrent against opportunistic thieves
  • Can reduce external noises, such as loud neighbours, busy streets, and passing cars
  • Provides a layer of sun protection that keeps harmful UV rays away from furniture and carpets, as well as guarding against overheating
  • Reduces your yearly energy consumption, as well as your carbon footprint by regulating temperature
  • Adds a protective barrier should your property be threatened by fire

Home Security Solution

Our security shutters are built tough to keep intruders out of your home. Our double-skinned aluminium slats and advanced Autolock system make it near impossible for the shutters to be pried open from the outside.


Ultimate Privacy

Leave your shutters partially open for soft, filtered light, or close them completely for a total block out. Either way, your security window roller shutters will block the inside of your house from the view of neighbours or onlookers, bringing a new level of privacy to your home.

Harmful UV ray defence logo

Effective Insulation

Titan Security Roller Shutters provide a thick wall of insulation that works to keep the blazing heat out in summer and the much-needed warmth in throughout Melbourne’s harsh winter. This can dramatically cut energy costs all year round - potentially saving you hundreds of dollars from your power bills.

Rain & storm protected logo

Protection from Extreme Weather

The high-quality materials we use to make our products ensure that your shutter will not be broken or damaged in rain, wind, storms or hail. The strong aluminium slats will protect your home from any fallen tree branches, flying debris or broken glass that can come with severe weather.

Fast delivery

Delivery Without Delay

Don’t wait 8-10 weeks for imported roller shutters. Our security roller shutters are manufactured locally in Melbourne, meaning we can make and install them within 4 weeks.

Australian Made

Proudly Australian Made

Titan Shutters is a proudly Australian owned and operated company. Our security shutters are all manufactured in Melbourne and meet Australian safety standards.


Manual shutter systems are subject to wear and tear, seeing issues such as breaking winders, fraying straps, or the winders becoming too heavy to use. Our shutters are motorised, operated by the touch of a button, and come at a price comparable to the traditional winder systems; so you won’t have to compromise on functionality, convenience or cost when you choose Titan Shutters.

Our roller shutters boast our premium signature curved profile. Each slat appears rounded from the side, promising a sleek aesthetic and strong, well-insulated shutters for Melbourne homes.

Secure and Sturdy: Made from double-skinned aluminium, this is our thickest and strongest model.

Superior Coating: Our slats are coated before forming which ensures all metal surfaces are protected from corrosion.

Insulating: Our slats are injected with polyurethane foam which enhances strength and improves insulation and soundproofing.


Security is one of the biggest drivers for our customers when investing in roller shutters and as such, Titan has always had a strong focus on developing and producing roller shutter systems which are robust, reliable and impenetrable. As a result, Titan Security Roller Shutters are a powerful defence against break-ins, burglaries and other crimes involving forced entry. Made using strong aluminium slats and featuring our Autolock system to prevent the curtain from being lifted, our security shutters will ensure your home is safeguarded.

As we make our security shutters in Melbourne, our lead time is among the quickest in the market. We can have your shutters manufactured an installed within just 3-4 weeks.

Titan Security Roller Shutters are made from insulated aluminium slats. When installed correctly, the security shutter will fully cover your window, blocking light and working as a thick layer of insulation to successfully prevent up to 90% of heat transfer.