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How do manual roller shutters work?

How Do Manual Roller Shutters Work

If you’re on the hunt for roller shutters for your home or already have some older ones fitted to your residence, you may be wondering just how they work and or what style of shutter is suited to your needs. 

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what manual roller shutters are, how they work and how they compare to electric shutters so you can make the most informed choice before investing in them for your home. 

Let’s get right to it. 


What Are Manual Roller Shutters? 

Manual roller shutters are a type of external window covering made from interconnected aluminium slats that require manual winding to operate. 

Also known as security shutters, they lock into place when lowered and create a nearly impenetrable barrier to intruders. 

How Do They Work? 

The shutter is raised and lowered into a pelmet or shutter box by winding a handle or pulley system fitted to a winder box mounted inside your home to the side of each window. 

When turned or pulled, this handle engages gears within the winder box that then instigates the raising or lowering of the shutter.

Manual operation of roller shutters


Can All Shutter Types Be Manually Operated?

No, while most shutters up to a certain height and width can be installed with a manual winder, larger and heavier shutters will require an electric motor to operate. 

This is simply down to the fact that on large windows or doorways, the shutter will be far too heavy to lift or lower safely using a winding mechanism. 


Manual Vs Electric Roller Shutters

Increasingly more common than manual roller shutters, electric or motorised shutters are a popular choice amongst most homeowners. 

While electrically operated roller shutters follow a similar installation process and the shutters look much the same from the outside, they do have some key differences. 

If you’re wondering which option is best for your home and needs, the following comparison may help you in finding the right answer. 

Manual Roller Shutters 


  • Can be more affordable initially than electric roller shutters
  • They do not require access to power and can operate during a blackout


  • Require a degree of physical strength to operate making them challenging to operate for some homeowners
  • Each shutter must be individually open and closed
  • Not suited to larger doorways and windows
  • Are much easier for intruders to lift and overcome compared to electric options 
  • The winder mechanism can be unsightly 

Electric Roller Shutters


  • Easily opened and closed with the touch of a button thanks to remote operation of the inbuilt motor
  • Multiple shutters can be controlled at once or programmed to operate to a set schedule
  • Installation is much cleaner with no drilling or alterations needed within the house itself 
  • Electric shutters can be fitted to much larger door and window openings
  • The motor locking mechanism makes them more secure than manual options
  • No unsightly cords, tapes or winder boxes required inside your home
  • Better longevity for better return on investment over time as fewer components to wear out and replace 
  • Often have a longer warranty period than manual options 


  • May require a bigger initial investment (though this is offset over time)
  • Unable to operate during power outages so may require the use of an emergency battery system in some cases 


Can Manual Shutters Be Converted To Electric? 

So what happens if you have manual shutters fitted to your home already and would prefer they be electric? It is sometimes possible to convert them over to electric rather than completely replacing them.

Keep in mind, however, that whether this is the best option will depend on the condition of the shutters and their age. 

This is worthwhile considering for anyone who wishes to have a more convenient solution to raising and lowering their shutters or who no longer has the strength to manage a manual option. 


Why We Specialise In Electric Shutters 

At Titan Shutters, we specialise in the custom manufacturing of electric roller shutters. While electric shutters can represent a bigger upfront cost, they offer much better value, performance and convenience over time. 

Our electric shutters, once installed, are designed to give you many years of uninterrupted use without the need for expensive repairs or replacement; something that frequently occurs with manual shutters due to the nature of the winder mechanism and the components used. 

For this reason, we always recommend electric shutters over manual. Recognising that this may not be accounted for in some of our customers’ budgets, we work closely with you to determine the best solution for your home.

Electric shutters from Titan Shutters


Find Your Ideal Roller Shutter Solution With Titan Shutters 

Offering decades of industry experience and an unmatched commitment to quality products and outstanding customer service, Titan Shutters are the team you can trust. 

We manage every step of your journey with us from the initial measure and quote right through to the manufacturing and installation. This ensures a streamlined, seamless process with a more rapid turn-around and delivery of exceptional results. 

To learn more about roller shutters for your home and how we can support you to enjoy their maximum benefits, call our team today at 1300 020 001.

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