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How do shutters open and close

How Do Shutters Open And Close

If you have ever admired the look and benefits offered by roller shutters, you may also be wondering how they open and close. 

No matter how fantastic they may be, if the idea of struggling to raise and lower heavy shutters is putting you off, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn how they actually work. 

In this guide, we’ll take a detailed look at how different types of roller shutters open and close, which type is most recommended, and why. 


What Are Roller Shutters Exactly? 

Roller shutters are best thought of as a type of external window blind for your home. Unlike a blind, however, these shutters offer exceptional durability, security and longevity. 

Made using interlocking, insulated aluminium slats, these window coverings fit securely to the outside of your window openings and can be raised and lowered as needed. 

Roller shutters, also called security shutters, aid in the provision of:

  • Enhanced security
  • Better insulation and energy efficiency
  • Protection against the elements
  • Greater privacy
  • A quieter home 
  • Better control over daylight and defence against UV rays


How Do They Open and Close? 

Depending on the type of roller shutter being used, the method for opening and closing them will differ. 

While both of the below shutter types use a shutter box to house the shutter and guide rails to keep the shutter aligned and secured, the mechanism of action is different.

Inside look of a roller shutter box

Manual Shutters

Manual roller shutters are opened and closed through the use of a winder mechanism that is fitted inside the home beside the window frame and must be operated one by one when being raised or lowered. 

Using the winder or crank, the gears within the winder box are engaged which then tenses or releases a tape attached to the shutter curtain. 

When tensed, the tape will raise the shutter and coil within the winder box, its weight is partially offset by tension springs, making it easier to lift. 

When the tension is released the tape gradually unwinds to lower the blind, the same tension springs within the winder mechanism used to raise it, also keep the blind from suddenly dropping and support its weight until it is fully lowered. 

Electric Shutters

With electric shutters, a motor is fitted within the shutter box which is operated by a remote control. Working much like a garage door, this motor swiftly and easily coils or uncoils the shutter when triggered by the remote. 

It does this by using a geared mechanism similar to the manual shutter types but without the need for tapes and winding. The motor can easily manage the weight of the shutter, raising and lowering the shutter curtain is done more quickly and smoothly. 


Which Type Of Operating Mechanism Is Best?

At Titan Shutters, we specialise in electric shutters. We do this for a few key reasons. 

  • Electric shutters perform better over time and have fewer components that can wear out and require repair or replacement.
  • They are much easier to operate and require no physical exertion to use, making them better suited to homeowners of all ages and abilities.
  • There is less modification required to your home as electric motors are fixed within the external shutter box and operate with a remote. This leaves your home’s interior untouched, unless you opt for a wall switch as well. 
  • Electric shutters are far more secure than manual options which can be forced open with greater ease due to differences in the operating mechanisms.
  • They can be operated independently or simultaneously, making them much more efficient and easy to use. 
  • Motorised options are capable of covering bigger window or door spans, making them ideal where manual shutters are ill-suited due to the sheer weight of the curtain.


Titan's electric shutters


Are There Any Downsides To Choosing Electric Over Manual Operation?

In answer to this, very few! As indicated above, electric shutters represent a much better investment for several reasons when compared to manual shutters. 

The only challenge presented by electric shutters is that they cannot be used during a blackout unless an emergency battery system has also been installed. 

All roller shutters, whether manual or electric, however, are fitted with an emergency release chain. 

This ensures you can still raise or lower them in an emergency, given the infrequency of blackouts in Australia, most homeowners find this is more than sufficient to overcome this consideration. 


Titan Shutters – Leading Experts In Melbourne

At Titan Shutters, we have decades of industry experience and an in-depth understanding of every aspect of roller shutters

With all our shutters being made to measure right here in Australia and installed by our expert technicians, we offer unmatched quality and service. We use only the highest-quality materials and adhere to all Australian standards for optimal performance and longevity.

If you’re after a rapid solution, we are best positioned to offer this too. Where our competitors can take 8 to 10 weeks to finalise your shutters, we pledge to have your roller shutters manufactured and installed in just 4 weeks.

To learn more or to arrange your obligation-free measure and quote, call us today at 1300 020 001. 

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