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Are shutters worth the investment?

Are Window Shutters Worth The Investment?

There is much to consider when weighing up whether window shutters are a worthwhile investment for your home. 

Far from being a purely aesthetic addition, they offer many long-term advantages that contribute to their value and offset their initial cost. 

To help you decide whether window shutters are right for your needs, we’ve prepared this in-depth guide showing exactly how beneficial and worthwhile they truly are. 


What Are Window Shutters? 

Window shutters are a type of window treatment that can be placed either inside or outside the home. In this guide, we are focused on Titan Shutters exterior window shutters which are also known as roller shutters or security shutters. 

Made of high-strength, double-walled aluminium, these shutters are also fully insulated and enamel-baked for optimal strength and longevity.

Fitted in place on the outside of your home’s window openings, these shutters are housed in a pelmet or header box and raised and lowered into place via remote control or switch on the wall. 

Guided by an expertly fitted track, these shutters lock into place when lowered to create a seal over the window. 

Window shutters


9 Reasons Why Exterior Window Shutters Are A Valuable Investment

So what sets exterior window shutters apart from other options and why should they be top of your list when considering outdoor window treatments? Let’s take a closer look. 

1. Security

One of the primary reasons most homeowners consider installing roller shutters on their homes is for their unmatched security benefits. 

Once lowered, roller shutters lock into place and are held firmly against your window openings by expertly fitted guide tracks. Made of high-strength aluminium, they are virtually impossible to push, pull, cut or lever out of place. 

This creates a nearly impenetrable physical barrier between your home and its occupants, and any would-be intruders. 

2. Privacy

If you live with minimal privacy due to your location, exposure due to the lack of a fence or garden or nosy neighbours, roller shutters can instantly resolve this issue. 

Create a private home with just the press of a button and still allow light in for zero compromises on comfort and an enhanced feeling of safety. 

3. Comfort 

Tired of fighting the outside temperature and struggling to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter? Roller shutters offer exceptional insulation, blocking heat and cold from entering your home allowing you to keep a more ambient temperature year round. 

What about the challenges of neighbourhood noise such as increases in traffic or incessantly barking dogs? The same insulation that keeps your home at a more comfortable temperature also works to reduce noise inside your home. 

4. Light Control 

Similar to the above, when it comes to comfort, being able to control the amount of light in your home is also key. 

Exterior shutters can be completely closed for total blocking out of all light, raised to allow an unobstructed view to the outside or partially closed to allow for filtering of light. 

Whether to catch up on sleep during the day after working a night shift or simply create a more relaxed environment, shutters can do it all. 

5. Energy Efficiency

As roller shutters offer exceptional insulation against heat and cold as outlined above, they also contribute to greater energy efficiency in your home. 

This means less need for heating and cooling and ensures any measures employed for this can work most efficiently. 

As a result, you may experience a reduction in your energy bills over time and a lessened environmental impact, further highlighting the value of investing in roller shutters long-term.  

6. Durability 

Window shutters, particularly those made of aluminium, offer exceptional longevity. 

Able to last for decades with minimal maintenance, they enable you to enjoy ongoing benefits with little to no ongoing costs post-installation. 

A gentle wash with warm soapy water annually and removal of any debris is all that is required to keep them looking great and operating well for many years to come. 

7. Protection From The Elements 

It’s no secret that Australia has some fairly extreme and unpredictable weather conditions at times. Roller shutters provide peace of mind that no matter the weather, your home remains protected. 

When lowered the risk of broken windows from hail, high winds or flying debris is virtually eliminated. In the case of fire-rated shutters, your home is also far better able to withstand embers during a bushfire. 

8. Adaptability 

While interior window shutters are often favoured for their classic and sophisticated aesthetic, they are less able to be adapted to meet changing tastes. 

Exterior window shutters create minimal impact inside the home in terms of styling, allowing them to seamlessly integrate with interior design preferences. 

This makes them flexible and a versatile option for any homeowner seeking a long-term solution that will work with their changing style preferences. 

9. Increased Curb Appeal & Home Value 

Customisable to suit your preferred look, exterior window shutters can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home. 

Cleany tucked away in the pelmet when not in use, they also offer a sleek, modern appearance when lowered. Not only does this make your home more appealing from the street, but it can also add to your home’s overall value when selling. 

Buyers greatly value additions that enhance the safety and security of a home which can see you securing a higher sale price that easily offsets your initial investment in roller shutters. 

Add value with an investment in shutters


Learn More With Melbourne’s Leading Shutter Experts 

Measuring, manufacturing and installing all our roller shutters ourselves, Titan Shutters offers unmatched quality and service.

Made to the highest of Australian standards and with a lead time of just 4 weeks compared to 8 to 10 weeks offered by our competitors, we made it easier to enjoy your investment sooner. 

With decades of industry experience and a commitment to outstanding outcomes, we guarantee to provide a seamless experience from start to finish. 

Whether you are ready to pursue the installation of exterior roller shutters for your home or seeking further advice regarding their suitability for your needs, we can help. 

To learn more or to book your obligation-free consultation, call our highly skilled and knowledgeable team today at 1300 020 001.

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