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How much light do shutters block out?

How Much Light Do Shutters Block Out

Whether you’re a shift worker, have a new baby or just desire to have more control over how much daylight enters your home, roller shutters are ideal. 

Able to block out nearly all light with just the press of a button or adjust the level of light in your home, roller shutters are an effective way to manage the comfort of your home’s interior. 

In this guide, we’ll cover how roller shutters compare against other block-out options, what to look for for maximum light exclusion and the role of installation in achieving this.


The Benefits of Roller Shutters And Light Control

While most of us enjoy a beautiful sunny day, there are many times when this can be problematic to the enjoyment of our homes. 

Installing roller shutters with light control in mind has several benefits including:

  • Protection from harsh UV rays that can degrade and fade fixtures and furniture
  • The ability to create a suitable daytime sleeping environment for children or shift workers
  • Allowing for the filtering of light to achieve the perfect ambience
  • Effectively blocking heat as well as light during hot summer days 
  • Making it easier to see a screen while working from home or enjoying a movie


How Do Roller Shutters Block Out Light? 

Featuring a series of interconnected aluminium slats fitted into a fixed frame, roller shutters, once lowered, form a complete seal over the outside of your property’s windows. 

The tight-fitting nature of the shutter slats and the fact that the edges of this external window shutter extend beyond the window itself ensures maximum light exclusion can be achieved.

They cannot be lifted or blown away from the window, no matter how determined the weather, making them the ideal solution for blocking light.  


Roller Shutters Vs. Other Block-out Options

So why choose roller shutters to block light over other available options such as blackout curtains and blinds? 

When comparing roller shutters to these options, it becomes clear that the former is far superior for a few reasons. 

Where blackout blinds and curtains can be useful in blocking out light, they typically cannot do this as effectively as a roller shutter. 

As these options are fitted inside the window frame, light can pass around the edges, creating a lightbox effect. As they only offer limited functionality, they can only be used while open or closed, where shutters allow for light filtering. 

Perhaps most tellingly, roller shutters offer a host of additional benefits that curtains and blinds cannot match, including:

  • Highly effective security against intruders
  • Noise blocking capabilities
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Exceptional privacy 
  • Protection against extreme weather and more.


Roller shutters add many benefits in addition to light block out


Factors Influencing How Well Shutters Block Light

While roller shutters are exceptionally effective at blocking out light there are a few things to consider when choosing your shutters to ensure maximum light exclusion can be achieved. 

Slat Type

Roller shutters are generally crafted using one of two slat types, these being solid vs perforated slats. 

Solid slats are more effective at blocking light as when closed they create a complete seal against daylight. 

Conversely, perforated slats feature small perforations along the slats which when closed will still allow some light to enter the home. 

This only applies to shutters with perforations in the slats themselves – perforations between solid slats allows for both options; maximum light block when the shutter is fully closed, and soft, filtered light when the shutter is slightly up, keeping the perforations exposed.

Shutter Style 

As mentioned above, some shutters allow you to adjust the position of the slats to create a tight seal for total light exclusion or a partial or loosened closure which leaves some space between the slats for light to enter. 

The majority of modern roller shutters offer this dual functionality to ensure you retain the utmost control over how much light enters your home, even when the shutters are closed.  

Materials Used

Reflective or opaque materials, such as the insulated aluminium used in our Thermoshield roller shutters, are capable of blocking more light than other shutter types. 

A PVC roller shutter, for instance, cannot perform at the same level as an aluminium shutter when it comes to blocking out sunlight.

Light blocking solid shutter slats


The Role Of Proper Installation 

Even if you have the best-rated roller shutters for blocking out light, if they are improperly or poorly installed, you’re not going to enjoy optimal outcomes. 

Roller shutters that are too small to adequately fit the window frame or that feature gaps surrounding them post-installation are going to allow light to pass through into your home. 

For this reason, among others, it is highly recommended to arrange for professional installation of your shutters. 

The Professional Difference

A professional installer will not only ensure that your shutter is made to the exact measurements of your window but that it is also fitted to create as tight a seal as possible. 

Highly experienced, they understand how to fit additional flashing and use sealant as needed to achieve this. 

Additionally, should you have concerns with light seeping in once fitted, a professional is responsible for correcting this, ensuring you get the best possible result with no hassle. 


Control Your Home’s Ambience Better With Titan Shutters

No matter your reasons for wanting to manage the brightness of your home during daylight hours, roller shutters provide a winning solution. 

Create a completely dark room for children’s naptime, catch up on sleep between shifts, or enjoy a true cinema experience no matter the time of day. With UV and heat-blocking capabilities thrown in, the sun will never be your home’s enemy again. 

Offering decades of industry experience backed by a commitment to quality and outstanding customer service, the team at Titan Shutters can help you install your new shutters in record time. 

Managing every step of the process from measuring to manufacturing and installation, we offer a turnaround time of just 4 weeks compared to 8 to 10 weeks with most competitors. 

Proudly Australian-made and owned, our shutters guarantee optimal performance in every way and will deliver you many years of enjoyment. 

To learn more or start the process of having roller shutters installed at your home, call our team today at 1300 020 001. 

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