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Indoor vs outdoor shutters

Indoor vs. Outdoor Shutters

Window shutters are increasingly popular both within and outside homes thanks to their many benefits. From added security, enhanced control over light and noise, improved energy efficiency and more – shutters truly are a versatile investment. 

When it comes to comparing indoor versus outdoor shutters and determining which option is best suited to your needs and preferences, it can be difficult to know where to begin. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the differences, features and other key considerations between the two so you can make a confident and informed choice for your home. 


Indoor Shutters

Indoor shutters are often used in place of curtains to control the level of natural light entering a room, enhance privacy and create ambience. 

Material Choices 

Indoor shutters are most often made from wood but may also be offered in vinyl or a wooden composite. 

Wood is the most classic choice, bringing an unmatched elegance and warmth that other materials cannot compete with. However, unlike wood, composites are naturally more resistant to wear and moisture, making them more durable and suitable for areas of high humidity. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Most homeowners who opt for indoor shutters do so based on their aesthetic appeal. Shutters create a sophisticated and clean look indoors and can blend seamlessly with a variety of decorating styles

An added appeal is that they are customisable, allowing you to choose your preferred colour and other aspects for a more personalised outcome. 

Insulation And Comfort 

Adding any type of window dressing indoors may provide some level of insulation against heat and cold for a more comfortable environment. 

While indoor shutters do offer insulation, they are not as effective at this as their outdoor counterparts. 

Light Control And Privacy 

As the slats in indoor shutters can be easily angled up or down, they are capable of providing great control over natural light while also enhancing privacy. 

Indoor shutters can be fully opened for uninterrupted views and window access, partially closed or completely shut depending on the amount of light and privacy desired. 

Upkeep And Durability 

Indoor shutters require regular dusting or wiping down with a damp cloth and wooden shutters may also require repainting or oiling during their lifetime to remain looking their best. 

A gentle hand is required to operate indoor shutter louvres as rough or forceful opening and closing can damage the tilt rods or break the slats.

Wooden indoor shutters


Outdoor Shutters 

Outdoor shutters, also known as roller shutters or security shutters offer several of the same benefits as indoor shutters with some very worthwhile additions too. 

Material Selection

Aluminium shutters are the most common type of outdoor shutter being installed today, having overtaken PVC or steel options. 

This is largely due to their exceptional strength and durability, resistance to corrosion and UV damage and sheer versatility. 

Where steel is heavy and has limited applications as a result, aluminium is lightweight and easily customised to suit a variety of settings. Likewise, while PVC shutters assist with light and temperature control, they cannot match the security and protection offered by aluminium. 

Noise Control And Energy Efficiency 

Outdoor shutters consistently outperform indoor shutters in terms of noise control and energy efficiency. 

Noise, heat and cold can be prevented from entering the home, aiding in enhanced energy efficiency and a peaceful environment. 

How well this is achieved depends on the type of material used in their construction. Our insulated aluminium slats are proven to deliver exceptional results in this area.  

Security Benefits

Where aesthetics drive homeowners to install indoor shutters, security is what most often pushes them towards outdoor shutters. 

While outdoor shutters offer so many favourable benefits outside of security, their capacity to deter intruders and create a robust barrier against them is of great appeal. 

Once closed, outdoor shutters are almost impenetrable; unable to be cut, pushed or pulled out of place without extreme force. 

In this way, they provide priceless peace of mind for homeowners seeking to improve their home’s safety and security. 

Protection From The Elements

Australia’s weather and climate can be incredibly harsh and unpredictable. From hail to gale-force winds, cyclones and bushfires, outdoor shutters also aid in protecting against the elements. 

Outdoor roller shutters can help to avoid broken windows, water ingress and more; and in the case of fire-rated shutters, can protect your home against damage from flames and embers. 

Maintenance And Longevity 

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of outdoor shutters compared with indoor shutters is how little maintenance is required. 

Able to last for decades with minimal upkeep, outdoor shutters simply require cleaning with warm soapy water every 6 to 12 months. This helps remove debris, dirt and grime that impair their appearance and may interrupt their proper functioning. 

Outdoor shutters from Titan Shutters


Do You Have To Settle For One Over The Other? 

Not at all. Choosing indoor shutters does not make the addition of outdoor shutters any less beneficial and vice versa. It comes down to what you want to achieve with your shutters. 

If security, greatly enhanced energy efficiency and quiet are a priority then outdoor shutters are the ideal investment

For homeowners seeking ambience and a specific look to a room, indoor shutters may make more sense. 

If you cannot decide and desire the benefits of both, it is entirely possible to install both options and enjoy their different offerings. 


Titan Shutters – Leading Outdoor Shutter Experts In Melbourne

If outdoor shutters are your preference, Titan Shutters are here to help. 

Offering shutters of unmatched quality that are manufactured in Melbourne to the highest Australian standards, we guarantee to exceed expectations. 

Our high-strength, double-walled aluminium shutters feature an enamel-baked coating in a colour of your choosing and are filled with specialised insulative foam. 

When expertly fitted, they provide outstanding performance in security, privacy, light and noise control, energy efficiency and more. 

Experience the best that outdoor shutters can bring and enjoy a safer, more comfortable home, contact Titan Shutters today at 1300 020 001. 

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