How Do Roller Shutters Work?

How do roller shutters work?

4 minutes read If you have ever walked around your neighbourhood, you may have noticed that many homeowners have invested in roller shutters.  There are several good reasons for this and it may surprise you to know it isn’t exclusively about safety and security.   Offering many benefits and able to be custom-made to suit your home, roller shutters […]

When To Replace Your Roller Shutters

White Roller Shutters

5 minutes read Are your roller shutters looking worse for wear or no longer operating as expected? Wondering if it’s time to replace them or whether repairs may suffice?  High-quality aluminium roller shutters, when installed correctly, are a relatively low-maintenance product with a very long life. At Titan Roller Shutters, our products should continue to operate without issue […]

Considerations Before Buying Your Roller Shutters

Brown Roller Shutters

5 minutes read Wondering if roller shutters are a good option for your home and needs? Roller shutters offer a wide range of benefits for Victorian homes, and their occupants, from protection against intruders and the elements to maintaining an insulated home.  Suitable for virtually every home, they offer an excellent all-purpose investment that can make them seem […]