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Buying Your Roller Shutters

Considerations Before Buying Your Roller Shutters

Roller shutters offer a wide range of benefits for Victorian homes, and their occupants, from protection against intruders and the elements to maintaining an insulated home. Roller shutters can be installed on almost any home, offering an excellent all-purpose investment.

If you’re looking at installing roller shutters, it’s important to consider all factors that may contribute to their effectiveness and cost before you make any decisions. Below are some important things to consider before buying roller shutters. 

Your purpose for installing shutters

You may wish to install a roller shutter in your home for a variety of reasons. Roller shutters offer a number of benefits, all of which can improve your standard of living and add value to your property. The most common reasons for the installation of roller shutters include: 

  • Maintaining an insulated home that stays cool in summer and warm in winter, whilst simultaneously reducing your energy bills 
  • Home security against intruders
  • Protection from weather events including rain, wind, storms, hail, and bushfires
  • Reduction of external noise entering the home
  • Controlled light levels throughout the day and night

Your budget

There are a few factors which affect the final price of your roller shutters. The standard costs are the raw materials used to make the shutter, labour costs associated with the manufacture, install and wiring, and any additional parts associated with the job, such as motors and controls (for which there are generally a few options to choose from). There may be other costs accrued with increased complexity of the job, like scaffolding required for a safe install, or additional materials (such as packing and flashing) to ensure correct fitment of the shutters; essential to experience the abovementioned benefits to their fullest. 

Because roller shutters are a custom-made product, and no two homes are the same, it will be difficult to obtain a definitive price until an experienced consultant has visited your property and discussed your needs. We recommend this being one of the first steps in the decision-making process, so any issues or complexities can be identified early on, and you know that your quote will stand firm.

The right material for your roller shutters 

Whilst both steel and aluminium roller shutters are available on the market, aluminium shutters are preferred by most. While steel shutters are more vulnerable to rust and corrosion, aluminium roller shutters are resistant to corrosion and are much lighter, making them longer lasting and able to be more safely installed on to existing structures.

For this reason, Titan Shutters only installs aluminium roller shutters. For residential applications, we use an insulated aluminium slat containing polyurethane foam, and for commercial and extra large shutters, we often recommend an extruded aluminium roller shutter.

The size and shape of your windows 

Because windows come in a range of shapes and sizes, roller shutters work best when they are made to measure. This will ensure a well finished aesthetic, a perfect fit, and a safe and secure install. Having the right size shutters is also essential to ensure that you experience the benefits, like insulation and the blocking of light and noise.

For homes with bay or dome-shaped windows, you’ll want to ensure that your roller shutter installer is experienced in these trickier installations. Choosing a reputable brand will make sure that your roller shutters are installed correctly and safely, meaning that you get the most out of your shutters, and they add the maximum value to your home.

Where do you want to install your roller shutters? 

When deciding where to install your roller shutters, you should consider the position of your house in relation to the sun, or any external sources of light or noise, as well as the rooms of your house where you most want to experience the benefits.

It’s not unusual for our customers to install roller shutters around their home in stages. You can start with a couple of rooms, or one section of the house, and add more from there.

Get the best for your home.

Titan Shutters provides the best roller shutter systems across Melbourne, with industry-leading installation timeframes and experienced local technicians. Contact us today if you’re interested in fitting your home with roller shutters.

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