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Replace Your Roller Shutters

When To Replace Your Roller Shutters

High quality aluminium roller shutters, when installed correctly, are a relatively low-maintenance product with very long life; a Titan Roller Shutter should continue to operate without issue for at least 20 years. Due to the long-term nature of the decision, when you’re looking to invest in roller shutters it’s important to choose a reputable company that uses strong, high-quality materials to manufacture sturdy and reliable roller shutters, while still offering value for money. There are some cheaper options available on the market, but beware of subpar materials, including low-grade motors and slats that are weak and flimsy, or inexperienced installers (or DIY); these things may save you money now, but will lead to a shutter which is easily damaged, discoloured or worn, difficult to operate, unreliable and/or not installed securely, and will need to be constantly repaired, or replaced early on.

Whilst roller shutters don’t need a lot of maintenance (regular use and the occasional clean should keep them running smoothly), outlined below are some early signs of breakage or malfunction to be aware of and keep an eye out for.

Operational difficulty for new and old roller shutters 

Modern, electric roller shutters should continue to operate hassle-free for years on end – any change to that is cause for further investigation. If your motorised shutter stops running smoothly, you should get in touch with your installer to get to the root cause of the issue. There may be something stuck in the guides, an issue with the motor, or it might just need a good clean. Identifying and resolving the issue early will prevent it from escalating into anything more serious, or any long-lasting damage being caused.

If you have an older roller shutter, particularly a manual one, difficulty putting the shutter up and down may be a sign that it’s time to replace it. Manual roller shutters are subject to breakage of straps and winders, or damage caused by incorrect operation. Rather than repeated servicing and repair, it might be worth looking into a new system which can be operated easily at the touch of a button.

Strange noises 

If your shutter has started to make a strange noise, either during operation or when it is closed, there might be something amiss. The most common cause of this is that the shutter has been closed onto something (an open window, outdoor furniture, a rake or garden tool leaning up against the wall – you name it, we’ve seen it all!). When this happens, the curtain can be dislodged or pushed out of level a little and this can cause it to emit strange noises (usually clicking or scratching) while it is moving, or to rattle within the guides when it’s down. If caught early, it’s an easy fix to realign it – but continuing to operate your shutter when something is out of place can cause more serious damage to the motor and shutter curtain

Visible Damage

Some visible damage, such as scratched paint or dents, may require swift attention to prevent further damage. Scratches in the paint may make your shutter more susceptible to rust, and any large dents may inhibit the smooth motion of the shutter, leading to a shutter which is out of level or misaligned. The best time to prevent this damage from occurring is at the time pf purchase. Making sure your shutters are constructed from strong and robust materials, and have a durable surface such as powder coating, will mean they are less likely to scratch, dent or discolour for years to come.

Titan Shutters – Value Meets Quality

At Titan Shutters we offer strong, high-quality roller shutters, made in Melbourne from Australian aluminium, and installed by local teams with years of experience. Our shutters are backed by our comprehensive warranty and unparalleled follow-up service. Contact us today, and rest assured that a Titan Roller Shutter will provide your home with its benefits for decades.. 

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