Are Window Shutters Worth The Investment?

Are shutters worth the investment?

4 minutes read There is much to consider when weighing up whether window shutters are a worthwhile investment for your home.  Far from being a purely aesthetic addition, they offer many long-term advantages that contribute to their value and offset their initial cost.  To help you decide whether window shutters are right for your needs, we’ve prepared this […]

Indoor vs. Outdoor Shutters

Indoor vs outdoor shutters

4 minutes read Window shutters are increasingly popular both within and outside homes thanks to their many benefits. From added security, enhanced control over light and noise, improved energy efficiency and more – shutters truly are a versatile investment.  When it comes to comparing indoor versus outdoor shutters and determining which option is best suited to your needs […]

Which Shutters Are The Best

Which shutters for your house?

4 minutes read When it comes to choosing outdoor shutters for your home, it can be easy to get caught up in the different types and become unsure about which is best for your needs.  Ultimately, deciding which shutter is best for you will involve careful consideration of a variety of factors. This includes looking into their benefits, […]

What Are Shutters Made Of

What are shutters made of?

3 minutes read Ever wondered what materials are used in the construction of external window shutters, and why?  An increasingly popular choice by homeowners, shutters need to be durable, strong and intelligently crafted to be effective.  To learn what shutters are made of, differences in manufacturing processes, and how this influences their performance and overall quality, read on.  […]

Maintenance Of Roller Shutters

Roller shutter maintenance

4 minutes read Whether you are fortunate enough to already have roller shutters installed at your home, or are considering having them installed, maintenance is likely something you have considered.  Far from being complicated, maintaining roller shutters is typically straightforward and able to be managed without the need for professional help.  In this guide, we’ll review the importance […]

How To Paint Shutters

How to paint shutters

4 minutes read If your home is fitted with ageing window shutters, also known as security shutters, you may be wondering if it’s possible to give them a facelift.  After all, if you can repaint the exterior of your house without issue, the same should be true for shutters, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case.  In this […]