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Roller shutter maintenance

Maintenance Of Roller Shutters

Whether you are fortunate enough to already have roller shutters installed at your home, or are considering having them installed, maintenance is likely something you have considered. 

Far from being complicated, maintaining roller shutters is typically straightforward and able to be managed without the need for professional help. 

In this guide, we’ll review the importance of roller shutter maintenance, what it involves and what to do if you discover something that needs repairs. 


Why Is Maintenance Necessary? 

Just like your car, gutters or gardens can benefit from maintenance, so can your home’s roller shutters. 

Roller shutters, or security shutters, represent a valuable investment in your home and caring for them through regular maintenance ensures you get the most from them. 

Without maintenance, roller shutters are susceptible to damage from:

  • Trapped debris such as twigs, sticks, pet hair, dust or similar
  • Acidic deposits including bird and insect droppings or tree sap
  • Environmental elements such as salt, pollution and other grime

Regular maintenance of your roller shutters through cleaning and inspection can help you remove these threats and discover any concerns early on. This promotes better longevity and allows for cost-effective repairs early on before damage can progress.

Maintenance is necessary for optimal operation

Can I Manage Maintenance Myself? 

Yes, maintaining your roller shutters is something that can be done easily by yourself with just a few basic tools that you likely already have at home. 

It should take no more than a few hours to do and is worthwhile scheduling every 6 to 12 months depending on where you live and the environmental factors the shutters are exposed to. 


What Is Involved With Maintaining Roller Shutters? 

So what do we mean by roller shutter maintenance and what should you be doing? We recommend the following to keep them at their best. 

1. Keep Them Clean  

More often than not, shutters becoming jammed or failing to close properly is a result of excess build-up of dust, grime and debris. 

This can be especially problematic if you live in an area that frequently experiences high winds. To clean your shutters you should:

  • Lower them into a vented position
  • Gently dust them with a soft broom to remove all visible debris, dust and cobwebs
  • Wet them down using a hose (ensuring your windows are closed behind them!)
  • Use a soft sponge with warm soapy water to wipe them down. (Dishwashing detergent is ideal for this).
  • Rinse using the hose and repeat washing them if necessary
  • Dry down with a soft cloth and leave shutters down until completely dry

2. Skip Abrasive Cleaners

When cleaning, avoid using any type of harsh chemicals or abrasive tools. While tough, the baked-enamel coating can be damaged or its finish dulled by improper cleaning. 

If your shutters are stained or a deposit is difficult to remove, we recommend patience over scrubbing or strong chemical use. Wetting down the shutters properly before washing and letting them sit for 5 to 10 minutes can aid in softening bird droppings and other grime. 

3. Avoid Using Sticky Lubricants

We know it can be tempting to apply a silicon-based lubricant to a squeaky roller shutter, however, this is a magnet for dust and dirt and can easily clog the guide tracks. 

Instead, if needed, choose a non-silicone-based, anti-static lubricating spray and use it sparingly. If your shutter remains noisy following this or the noise becomes worse, always seek professional advice as this may indicate a problem with the shutter. 

4. Consider Polishing Them

While not strictly necessary, polishing your shutters with a little methylated spirits and a soft rag can help to restore their appearance and disguise any scratches or blemishes in the paintwork. 

This can also be effective at removing stubborn grime without the need for scrubbing and without damaging the finish. 

5. Treat Them Gently 

This may seem obvious, but one of the best ways to maintain your shutters is to operate them with care. 

Never force your shutters open or closed and refrain from opening and closing them more often than needed. This will keep the mechanisms working well and avoid wearing out components unnecessarily. 


What Happens If My Shutters Need Repairs? 

If during the maintenance of your shutters, you discover damage has occurred and repairs are needed, it is best to contact your original installer or another qualified professional. 

Repairs should only be carried out by an experienced technician as they are best placed to assess the damage and determine the appropriate action. 

Most shutters come with a warranty of some description which may not only cover these repairs at the manufacturer’s expense but also stipulate that DIY repairs are not permitted. 

Roller shutter repairs

Titan Shutters – Experts In Manufacturing, Installation And Maintenance 

With decades of industry experience, Titan Shutters offers an unmatched commitment to quality and performance. 

Providing exceptional service and support before, during and after the installation of your roller shutters, we ensure you get the maximum value from your investment

Able to assist with advice on how to best maintain your shutters and rapidly respond to any concerns over damage or loss of function, we’re the team you can trust. 

To speak with one of our skilled professionals regarding maintenance or any other query related to roller shutters, call 1300 020 001 today.

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