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Do roller shutters block out noise?

Do Roller Shutters Block Out Noise?

If you’ve ever lived with noisy neighbours or have been affected by loud traffic, trains or similar, you’ll know how much this can impact your enjoyment of your home and sleep. 

Aside from replacing all your windows with double-glazing at incredible expense, what other options are there to help buffer against this? The answer may surprise you – roller shutters. 

A much simpler option, installing roller shutters can significantly improve the transmission of sound from the outside to the inside of your home. 

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how roller shutters help to block noise, what to expect and where to find help with this. 

What Is A Roller Shutter?

Acting as a type of external curtain or cover for windows, roller shutters are made using horizontal, aluminium slats that are interlocked together. 

This curtain is coiled in a fixed pelmet box when raised and smoothly glides closed with the help of fitted tracks. When lowered, roller shutters completely cover windows and lock in place.

They are operated either manually via a hand crank affixed inside to the right of the window or electronically via a remote. 

How Do Roller Shutters Block Out Noise?

As roller shutters cover the window or door they are installed on, they effectively provide an additional layer of insulation against noise. 

Shutters are more effective than simply closing a window as each slat in the shutter curtain is filled with an insulative foam.This foam, combined with the aluminium exterior reflects and absorbs sound waves from outside, reducing the amount of sound waves that can be heard within.  

Helpfully, this process also works well in the reverse and can support noise from within the home being easily heard outside. Ideal for when you’re hosting a party! 

Reduce noise travelling in and out of your home with roller shutters
Reduce noise travelling in and out of your home with roller shutters

How Effective Are They?

Roller shutters can be incredibly effective at blocking out noise. In some instances, homeowners have experienced up to a 50% reduction in inbound noise. 

Exactly how effective they are for you will depend on a few factors such as:

  • The type of shutter being installed
  • How well the shutter is installed
  • The type and volume of the noise being experienced 


While not all noise can be blocked by roller shutters, the overall effect is a softening or muffling of sound. This makes it much less invasive and enables you to more fully enjoy your home as a sanctuary away from the outside world. 

Can All Roller Shutters Block Out Noise?

No. Not all roller shutters are manufactured to include high-level insulation against noise. PVC shutters or hollow shutter slats would be largely ineffective at reducing noise.

In order to block noise, the slats used in the shutter curtain must be fully insulated. Without this, sound waves can easily pass through the shutter and into your home. 

Scenarios Where Noise-Blocking Roller Shutters Shine

There are several situations where having roller shutters installed can make a big difference in reducing noise and the associated stress it can bring. These include but are not limited to:

  • Homes located close to main roads, train stations or under a flight path
  • Individuals who are light sleepers and easily woken by noise during the night
  • Homes with young children who nap during the day (the light-blocking benefits also make this much easier!)
  • Construction work, especially early in the morning
  • Anyone who works the night shift and needs a dark and quiet daytime environment to sleep
  • Homeowners with noisy neighbours 
  • Homes close to public parks, stadiums, entertainment venues or similar


Ultimately, no matter what the noise is, roller shutters will go a long way towards making it more manageable. 

The Importance Of Professional Installation 

It is important to note that the effective reduction of noise is not only reliant on well-insulated shutters. The way in which they are installed and how well this is done also plays a key role. 

When lowered, any gaps or spaces around the shutter will still allow sound to pass into your home. This is why it is so important to have your shutters professionally measured, custom-manufactured and installed. 

What Other Benefits Do Roller Shutters Provide? 

Aside from noise reduction, roller shutters also offer several other fantastic benefits to homeowners. These include:

  • Creating a barrier against intruders for the increased security and privacy of your family 
  • Increased energy efficiency thanks to the same insulative foam, generating savings on heating and cooling bills
  • Complete control over light and airflow entering your home
  • Protecting your home from Australia’s extreme weather, including severe winds, rain, hail or similar


There are so many advantages to installing roller shutters as outlined above, it is easy to see why they are increasingly sought after by Melbourne homeowners. 

Benefits of roller shutters
Benefits of roller shutters

Titan Shutters  – Helping You Achieve A Quieter Home

If a tranquil home environment free of outside noise is something you are dreaming of, Titan Shutters can help you achieve it. 

At Titan Shutters, we custom manufacture and install the highest quality roller shutters on the market, right here in Australia. 

Using only the best quality materials and incorporating state-of-the-art technology, our shutters offer unmatched longevity and protection for your home. 

Servicing all areas of Melbourne, we are proud to offer unmatched industry-leading installation timeframes managed by highly skilled, local experts. 

We pledge to deliver and install your roller shutters in just 4 weeks instead of the 8 to 10 weeks commonly seen with our competitors. 

Not only leaders in manufacturing and installing roller shutters, we also offer professional aftercare should you need any follow-up service or assistance. 

This is all part of the outstanding customer care we offer and something our many five-star testimonials attest to. 

Enquire with our team about our roller shutters today at 1300 020 001 and start enjoying a quieter home in record time. 


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