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How much do shutters cost?

How Much Do Security Shutters Cost

With home security and the safety of our families an ever-increasing concern, prioritising the implementation of effective measures to ensure this is paramount. 

Across Melbourne, security shutters are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking for a versatile and reliable security solution. If you’re unfamiliar with security shutters or unsure whether they’re for you, then you’re in the right place. 

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what security shutters cost, how these costs are determined and why they represent an ideal investment in this space. 


Security Shutter Pricing – The Basics

When pricing security shutters, several different factors are taken into account. To begin with, the cost of each shutter must be calculated. 

These include:

  • The manufacturing process and the labour involved in this
  • The materials and components used in the manufacturing 

These along with the quality of the materials and components used will be used to determine the price per shutter. 


Additional Factors That Influence The Cost Of Security Shutters 

In addition to the cost of the shutters themselves, pricing will also reflect the:


While the majority of shutters are designed to deliver benefits such as security, insulation against noise and heat, light control and privacy, some have added functionality and therefore a different price attached. 

This is evident in our Bushfire roller shutters which are specially manufactured using high-rated BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) materials. This allows them to perform well as both security shutters and protection against embers during bushfires. 


The size of your shutters has a direct link to the cost involved in their manufacture and installation. 

The bigger your security shutter is, the more expensive it is likely to be due to it being physically heavier, requiring more durable components and a larger motor to control. 

It is important not to compromise on the proper sizing for a shutter, however. Incorrectly measured shutters offer reduced performance in terms of security as they cannot tightly seal the window from the outside. 

Additionally, poorly sized security shutters can also lead to excessive light entering through the window, ineffective insulation, soundproofing, and sagging of the shutter itself. 

Install Characteristics 

Windows tend to require a tailored approach at installation to accommodate their position, accessibility, shape and size. 

For instance, there are occasions where scaffolding may be required to allow safe access for installation. Likewise, electrical work may be needed to make power accessible or to move existing lighting or cameras. 

At times, packing and/or flashing may also be necessary to ensure a proper fit and seal of the shutter to the window. 

These costs must also be factored in when quoting your security shutters and are done so to ensure the absolute best outcomes. 

Mode of Operation 

Are you hoping to operate your shutters manually or electronically? Electric shutters do require a higher outlay initially but can perform better over time. 

Where electronic shutters often provide years of uninterrupted use, manual shutters frequently require the replacement of broken straps, winders, or pulleys. This adds to their overall costs in ongoing maintenance and repairs. 

Should you opt for electric rolling security shutters, you may also have the choice between a wall switch or a remote control. The latter tends to be a little more expensive and you can choose to have either or both which is of course accounted for in the final cost. 

Wall switch operated shutters


Are There Ongoing Costs?

One of the best things about security shutters is that once installed they incur few ongoing costs. So long as you keep them clean and free of debris and obstructions, you’re unlikely to need to repair or replace them at added expense. 

Aside from the minimal amount of electricity they use to operate, which is comparable to the power needed to boil a kettle, security shutters cost next to nothing post installation. 

As security shutters also enhance the energy efficiency of your home, this nicely offsets their running costs too. Reliable security that adds to your home value and saves you money over time? Security shutters deliver all this and more. 


The Value Of Professional Installation

We understand that it can be tempting to attempt DIY installation of your security shutters to save on their cost. 

However, just as the quality of the shutters is directly tied to their performance, so is their proper installation. 

Professional installation ensures your shutters are expertly anchored and fitted to your windows. This allows them to withstand even the most forced entry attempts. 

If poorly installed with loose rails or an insufficient seal, they simply cannot perform at their peak capacity when under pressure. 

Professional installation


What If I Cannot Afford To Do My Whole House At Once?

If installing security shutters on every window of your home is exceeding your available budget, this doesn’t have to mean that you miss out.  

While doing every window at once is the preferred outcome for most homeowners, it is possible to do this in stages, focusing on the most vulnerable entry points first. 

For example, to help lower the initial outlay, shutters can be installed on the first floor as a starting point or wherever security is of main concern. 

Taking this approach ensures you will never need to compromise on quality over cost. 

Our goal is to see your home fitted with the best quality security shutters possible so we are happy to accommodate installation in stages if needed. 


Leading Security Shutters Made And Installed In Melbourne

Working closely with all customers, the team at Titan Shutters is committed to finding the right solution that meets your security needs and budget. 

All our shutters are custom-made and manufactured right here in Australia. This allows us to deliver a rapid security solution to your home in as little as 4 weeks, compared to the 8 to 10 week lead time offered by our competitors. 

Whether you are ready to order and install roller shutters or simply wish to understand more about how much security roller shutters cost, we’re the team you can count on to assist. 

Enquire with us online today – or ask us about our security roller shutter offers today at 1300 020 001. 

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